Suggestion: Why not make a XP event every weekend?

Seriously, when I used to play mmorpg (Ragnarok, mostly), most of them had XP events almost every weekend because that’s the peak of activity for players. It would help many many players to get to 130, and it would motivate people to keep playing

Hell, Flare could even sell an special XP gear (cheap, if possible) to us or improve the sales in the pro-shop

Well, that’s it, what you guys think?

If they add another 20 billion xp capacity and max level is 200, yeah sure why not.

It’d be great too, give high-level players something to do other than the same war-ninja-proleague routine

it would not motivate me

xp useless

It certainly would make me attack more. While I don’t think having an automatic XP event every week is a great idea, I agree with @FunnyValentine that it really would motivate players to attack more often

XP is not useless at all. For one thing, it gets your hero level up and when you reach level 80 you receive 1000 gems! After 80, you need XP to keep on growing as a player and to get some extra stats for your hero and better stats on items that you receive from chests! XP is the OPPOSITE of useless!

Having that event weekly, would mean that many players will be high level or even max level without much effort, which means level 130 isn’t anything special anymore. There are already too many 130 guys, many of them don’t really deserve it. Many of us had to work hard to get to max level, including myself, whilst others benefited from XP events, like the one that we had which gave 4x Xp, especially in that event, people could level up a ton without much effort, compared to those who have reached max without this event

Every once in a while, an XP event should happen, either during war or just as an event, but not weekly. That’s my opinion on that

This already exists on the pro-shop.

“Why not make a XP event every weekend?”

This may be a bit too much, since everyone would get to 130 in no time…

But once every month would be really cool.

You forgot about one thing: pals.

Pal power scales with the hero level. Both offense and defense pal beast does.

This is now important, specially considering… Ceres!

Since the last “boost” to Ceres increased his morale to 16 again…

XP has come into the spotlight again :slight_smile:

Agreed, the frequency don’t have to be that high, once a month is fine too

The point is, we barely have any XP event outside of community week, and that event is pretty rare to happen, so



I think Community week only happens once a year, on RR2 birthday  :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t think this is right. Last year we got a community week 3 or 4 times along with a Community Month much later last year. Hopefully we can see something similar to a Community week soon. That’s by far the most effective event!

Last year was great community week-wise, but we got like 1 this year, and that was it

The suggestion would be, instead of the whole community week, just give us the XP part of it once a month ?

Great Idea but don’t fit with RR2. this kind of event you find it in MMORPG online because level up a hero need very long time. So we see XP event and Double XP event and sometme Triple XP event. In RR2 impossible because combined with XP Gear will make not only new players level up at level 130 in just 1 month and you must think about all the cheater now in the game. This will favorize the grow of cheater if they can level up at level 130 without any effort

this kind of event work superb in online game but not on the majority of mobile game

I’m ready with my 290% xp set for that event. ??