Suggestions about you appearance and farms

I’m not sure if those topics weren’t mentioned before but…


1)It’d be nice if one can customize the appearance of his king a little bit more, like the hair style, colour of eyes etc. And of course it should be done same for girls, I mean let them create a queen, cuz now all they can do is to pink colour their equipment, which unfortunately ends in gay-looking-kings not queens.


2)The second thing is the possibility to define how much food you’d like to take from your farm to silo.

Sometimes all of your farms are full and your silo cannot store all of it. Unfortunately, at the same time you’re not able to play 4-5 games but just one, so you can only take food from one of your farm while the rest is full and don’t produce food. And here’s the idea… that it’d be handy if you could take from each farm e.g. 40 food (not all of it at once), play one game that you had the time for, and let all the farms produce food again.