Suggestions compilation

  1. A new type of defense once a day : ninjas attack you (in funcion of your level) and if you win, you have a chest (legendary 0%-20%, epic 21%-40%, rare 41%-60%, magic 61-80%, commun 80-99%, nothing 100%)

  2. You can see your attacks and your defenses against other players

  3. An alliance defense to protect your ninja gold which go directly in your alliance defense - How to build this defense ? A few players can build defenses and can control one tower, obstacle or the path, this player comes a royal defenser. If he leaves the alli, his tower is burnt. - Who can steal this gold ? The ninjas. So to win the event, this defense has to be strong (ninja attack depends of alli level). This gold can be useful to buy an uber chest for all the alli (but how much ninja gold it costs i don’t know)

  4. See the last time a player has connected (less one day, three days, or more than one week ore month : inactive) to transfer easily of the alliance.

  5. You can send a message to an other player even if you are not his friend (the message can be longer). And you can block players too.

  6. You have a throne and you can impove it : numbers of steps (to get more medals), the jewels (to win more gold or ninja gold), and the throne aspect (just to make your king style be better). You can sit down your king on his throne in your player presentation.

  7. The chief and generals can ask to have a vote other players, choice the subjects, the choices and the time to vote.

I know my suggestions were maybe already say, and they are hard to develop, but I want to say this because I have many imagination.





New ideas :

  1. A Player blason (like in alliances)

  2. The ninja event must keep 4 days at the minimum because 3 is too short for players which don t buy gems…