Suggestions for Alliance System

Thank u for new update with guild systems. But here are some suggestions:


1   Chat History


     Please keep chat history for AT LEAST 30 minutes, so that we could know what the others are talking about when we just log in.



2   Manager Position


     Since it’s a worldwide game, no leader can be online 24 hours, we need some managers (could be appointed by the leader) to let

     people in especially for those alliances with high level & many applications.



3   Email Systems


     That’s because sometimes we don’t need to talk to everyone else.



4   Push Service


     We might get a push message when someone else @us



5   Rewarding Systems


     Since no one is willing to donate without reward, please introduce a reward system: a little amount of gems can be given to those

     who donate  the most. The amount could increase by the alliance level.



6   Limitations


     A limitation of King Level & Alliance Tower Level should be allowed with high Level alliance, or their leader will keep receiving

     some useless applications.



7   Extra Donation with Gems


     Or it must  be a long list of our credit bills, which make us difficult to check.



1.  30 minutes? I think it should be more time. since not everyone can be online under 30 minutes and sometimes we need to discuss with the whole alliance.


2, 3.  These are really good ideas. I like them! :wink:


  1. This might cause frustration to some players. Because everyone has a life outside of the game. So when they are working or busy, and all of a sudden, *phone beeping*, Ohh… *****. I don’t want it now. Urrghhh…


5.  I think alliance boosts are good enough!


6.  I think alliance tower level shouldn’t be a way for people to join alliances. But King level limitation is good. Also include trophy range limitation.


7.  Though this will be a really good news for free players, but FlareGames do need money and this is a good and user-friendly way of doing that. Also, if that will be that case then anyone who has a lot of gems won through tournaments will donate and donate and donate… This will throw off the balance of the game.

some good suggestion here , I think the 2nd suggestion already passed to Flare so expect them to implement it in future update

I would suggest an alliance reputation for players instead of rewarding with gems. something like this I had on mind.

  • Negative for reputation:
    • Not donating for at least three days in a row
    • Leaving an Alliance (when removed by leader no negative reputation of course)
    • Becoming inactive (not caused by a bug)
  • Positive for reputation
    • Donation, depending on the Alliance tower level (higher donations should be rewarded more)
    •  Spending real money should give reputation a boost
    • Every day a player stays at the current alliance
    • Leaders for :
      • upgrading the alliance
      • the number of players in their alliance.

This way players are forced to act as team players. Reward players for their reputation in some kind of way and alliances for their total reputation. For example by rewarding players with a few gems after reaching certain individual reputation levels. Reward alliances by a free donation for the total reputation.


With reputation there is a good reason for players to behave like team players. The minimum reputation I would set to 0. Otherwhise some players with very negative reputation never will get any chance to join an Alliance and become loyal royal revolters. Okay, players can start their own alliance to get some positive reputation, but there is already a wildgrowth of those and a lot of them will starve sooner or later.

If you think the reputation-idea a bit further, there would also be a reputation for the alliance needed.

Players probably want to know too who’s worth joining/applying…


For example, kicking donating players should give negative reputation, long staying members good reputation, and so on.

If the members have to behave and are to be rated, so should be the alliance itself (and by that the leader - not only positive like Dena4 mentioned). Could help a lot of people to decide how much they want to participate, as no one wants to join, invest something (especially real money) and then get kicked soon after because someone with more trophies comes along…

Mjbe78, your suggestion is a good improvement. Reputation loss of the leader kicking players out, would need some precautions.


Kicking out inactive players should not be a big influence also kicking out players with negative reputation. Otherwhise players are going to create fake accounts and join open alliances. Leaders will be frightened to kick out such players, because it has a negative influance for the alliance.


I only hope flare will do something with this idea. Reputation is a win-win situation for both players and flare.


Merry Christmas to all of you

BTW, I suggest that the number of managers could increase by alliance level.

These are some great ideas! I want to level my Alliancetower up to 6, but that costs 400 gems. I find that way too much so I didn’t upgrade it jet.

I’ve got one more suggestion for the alliances. Since we, when we play RR2, get notifications for everything in the game, for which I find 90% unnecessary. But the one thing of what I woud like to get a notification, we don’t get it. The notification that I’m talking about, is the one for when you can make a donation after the 24h expired. Now I sometimes just forget to donate for a couple of hours, just because I don’t know exactly at what time I last donated.

Hi Vester, Great idea!

Maybe you might want to create a new seperate post for it?

I think it is not necessary to open a topic for this…and I think as well that this suggestion is really great and would be really helpful!!

I’m sure that Jona would pass this idea to Flaregame’s developer…  :slight_smile:

Jona, did you read this? :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t understand what you mean by


" King level limitation is good. Also include trophy range limitation."

I’ve been looking for better ways to incentivize my members to play more.  I thought it would be great If an alliance leader can host his own tournaments among his own members.  The leader could then offer a prize (say 500 gems) to the winner (which would be deducted from the leader’s account).  It wouldn’t even have to be medal based, I was thinking of offering a prize for whoever can get the biggest gold heist in a raid within a certain time period.  Some of this could be done offline already but there is no way to reward a player who wins with gems. 

maby its an idea to help you fellow ally member build there building and towers bij donating money to them or giving them money.

What he means is LEADER can set his rules of entry into his Alliance 


Like … your are Leader of SK so you can set that persons with 5000 trophy above can join and King level must be minimum 85.


I think he means the Entry rules into alliance, so that you can leave your alliance OPEN and receive qualified registrations only.


I think he meant so. Sorry if i am wrong in any way.

Yes! You are absolutely correct. That is what I meant.


Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

Maybe this was already written …Why others can not see the text description of the alliance ???Only members of the alliance :slightly_frowning_face: