Suggestions for ice Tower - War aid

War aid


The ice towers should produce:4 Dragofroster or 4 Frenzy Frost Blaster.


I think an elite frost tower that throw’s ice blast like a froster and has decent range is a much balance for flare to released on the next update.

Totally agree lol. Frost tower has only water in it. Why do we call it “frost”, why not “shower tower” or “car wash tower”. It’s winter now and water should become real ice, There is a minor problem with it is that Frost tower is too weak itself, so maybe flaregames will make some more levels for it before release the elite boost, maybe.

SUGGESTION: ICE TOWER to be destroyed releases a Blizzard in range of 6.8. -TOWER of FIRE: to be destroyed releases a firestorm in range of 6.8. -The TOWER of the SERPENT: must be protected by a toxic cloud in the 5.5 range, to be destroyed releases a toxic cloud in the range of 6.8.