Suggestions for new ideas

Hello! I would like this message to leave some suggestions that those responsible for the game can be useful.

My name is Renan, but in the game it’s i7kCore??.

Suggestions that could improve the game for everyone!

Chests Titans: Increasing the chances of winning a special item, I see cases of people who play for years and do not have 1 special item and other cases of people who earn 2 special items in a single day.

Normal Chests (Green, Blue, Purple and Gold): Improve the chances of winning rare (non-special) items, but items like: Winter Burn, Reflection, Demolition … I see cases that some people win with too much or too little some of these items.

Game engine: Add real-time translation in the chat of the game, thus making it easier for players from other countries not to have to translate into your language or another player’s language.

Game 2 Engine: Add flags of your countries next to the players name so we know the difference whether that player is from our country or another country.

Heroes: Take a look at certain heroes that in my opinion are a failure, for example, Odysseus, I play with him only when I appear adventures in the odyssey he is practically strong but I am not seeing result, he attacks every 3 seconds, for possessing 2 swords, should take damage at every attack or hit on buildings and troops.

Alliances: Increase maximum member capacity in alliances (have new covenant levels and heavenly blessings).

Islands: Add new islands, add new troops or hero.

Prestige: Reviewing all the celestial bonuses (prestige) I do not see much difference on the ultimate celestial bonus.

The rebate should be in the game itself, should be rebate on constructions, upgrades of troops / powers / defenses / cams and not discount on purchase of gems.

Thanks, att: i7kCore??. @Madlen, @CaptainMorgan.

Poor Odysseus. I like him. Great gk killer.


Ulysses is in the rocking chair with Penelope’s canvas on his knees enjoying retirement. He’s a great killer of gatekeepers … when he gets to the gate though … ?

He’s not that bad! I just waltzed through a 10 skull odyssey with him and I haven’t forged any new gear for him in 5 levels. 

I would not call him one of the 5 best heroes, but they’re REALLY good. 

Brother, the odysseau itself is fine, but, I mean his attack. I left him strong, I did not forge the items up to 5 stars, but every time I play with him on odyssey adventures, I end up losing his head because he did not get a lot of damage from buildings / towers / barricades. It takes 2-3 seconds to make a single attack.


I have nothing against him, I see several people who have won special items from him and ended up refining because they are useless. It takes too long to launch the attack.

With the recent changes in the last update, I can see Odyseus being very powerful, you probably will need both of his uniques and maybe 2 apples also! With a little refinement here and there I could see the potential as a top ascension lvl hero.