Suggestions how to make wars more exciting


We’ve had about about a dozen of wars since that feature was implemented, and it seems to bring a lot of excitement within the community. That was expected so that’s cool.

However, I must say that wars are getting a bit dull. Here is what it looks like for me:

  • Once I found a rewarding target (high level, reasonably difficult), I just hit the same 2-3 targets in order to maximize VPs. Never let a hero with full fury and you can reach like 50k VP without spending gems if you play at least every 9 hours.
  • On the other side, it seems like it is always the same players who get attacked
  • 3 enemies islands on the map. One is too far away to be attacked, one is usually stronger and one is weaker. So we result in always attacking the same and always being attacked by the same.
  • alliances who have the more players bringing 3 heroes get the best score (see maths here )

It may not be like that all the time, but that’s the typical stuff.

Simple suggestions to make it less boring:

  • You can raid the same enemy only once per island (1 successful raid)
  • At the beginning of war, islands to be spread randomly (or semi-randomly by clusters) 
  • Some bigger islands to be worth more than others (strategy gets more advanced than attacking the weakest)
  • VP in chests to be always found in the 3rd chest (if you raid 100% you get extra VP, if you raid 99%, you have to spend gems to open the VP chest)
  • Score of defense performance to be recorded: who is getting attacked most, successfully or not - defense performance is as important as attack performance
  • At the moment, in case of a tie, both alliances get the war blessings. In such a case, the blessings should go to the alliance that has accumulated the most VP in war.
  • 3rd hero thing must be re-thought. It should give you an advantage. Not secure you with an easy win. 
  • Beating hard defenses should be rewarding. If a player’s defense has great score at first battle, raiding his defense would give a 20% VP bonus at second battle. On the opposite, if everyone attacks the same easy defense at first battle, at second battle it gives a -20% less VP… 
  • Ambrosia has no effect in war. Resurrecting in war should be either prohibited (my preference) or to be paid with gems (FG’s preference :D)

 If wars are challenging, players would spend more gems in invocations. You’ve listened some of our suggestions in the past. Please listen to those ones too. :thanks:

Hey AwesomeDoud!

Thanks a lot for this detailed suggestion regarding the Alliance War, really valuable feedback.

We are currently working on War improvements so stay tuned, I am pretty sure you will enjoy those. :grinning:

Can you improve the matching of opponents in war too. I’m sure you guys can see and have record of how the matching is screwed up. 

Way we are going it’s either we are the strongest in the group or we are the weakest and lowest level. We never get a fair opponents. One warbwe win next we lose. How can being paired with level 26,25,24 and we are level 20 be fair? Prior to this war, we were 4 levels higher than any other opponents. Please, this game is awesome, don’t make it irritating with the messed up pairing or alliances. Only one won’t complain about this is the alliances owned or part of your own teams who started playing when this was still in test mode. 

Matchmaking is based on torch ranking, if you are ranked in the same range with those lvl 26,25,24 alliances, that’s why you get them, you need to lose a few wars/torches and you will be ranked in a better environment.
Although I agree partially, matchmaking sucks. 
I believe there is already a dynamic rotation, so you get grouped for example in the first war as the second strongest alliance, then third, then second and then last (random), so you get all positions. But it doesn’t seem to work properly, For example in a war where you get grouped as the strongest alliance, the second and third strongest could be only 1-2 ranks below you and appear beside you and you won’t win that war. In the next war you may get grouped as the second strongest alliance but with the strongest alliance beeing 10 ranks, or something like that, above you and you will have no chance again for the first place… then if this continues, everybody gets frustrated, some drop completely from the game, some leave the alliance. It isn’t balanced yet. 

Thanks. It’s not worth leaving the game since even if you lose the war there’s chests afterwards for the effort.?? Thanks for the response. Learning the pattern we win this war and would lose next time because our torches go up and down makes us know what to do next. We won this war so we are sure we will lose next time; we don’t bother wasting any gems and or funds playing. We concentrate on leveling up. In a way it’s good thing too??

Awesome Dud your idea sucks probably you are member off strong aliance and you hawe full active divine and war blesing 24/7 and you hawe strong defence so you won benefits for ewery review off hero who atack you , your idea is one big shit i will like to meet you on batllefield your defence will go down in second 

You just replied to a player who doesn’t play any more and posted that in 2016…

realy !? Ahaha nah thanks i didn’t notice the date ?