Suggestions so far...

I am still pretty new to the game, but I also see some great upgrades for this game.

  1. Seeing an attack history

  2. being able to test out your alliance’s towns.

  3. players to have walls , so other players can leave messages on there walls.

  4. Knowing how much you can gain/lose before attacking.

  5. Alliance bonuses for the big packs of gems.  Say someone buys a $100 pack, all members in alliance should get a free 30 gems. or something like that

  6. Alliance wars.

  7. Don’t think alliance level should effect the # of members you can have. It should be a set amount . Let the upgrades give you bonuses.

  8. Alliance donate once every 12 hours instead of 24

  9. way to upgrade your boats… so it gets cheaper to move around the islands.

  10. Thats all i got for now… ill add more if i think of any.





Good stuff 

Hello Crabz,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! If anything is added or changes, it will be announced in the official announcements section!