Suggestions to counter unfair match ups in war

I recently started a thread in which I complained about the most recent war activity in which I found the alliance I’m in pitted against a much much stronger alliance. while there were a few replies, there were no real helpful solutions. I was pretty much told to just be patient and that the next war will be more in our favor and not so one sided. Well, that got me to thinking that there had to be things that could be done to even the playing field. So here are my two suggestions. I would like to see what others think, and if they have other solutions that could help make the game more enjoyable. 

One of the most obvious problems in an unfair match up is that the weaker side is forced to use gems if they want to win even the first few chests, which do not offer all that much in rewards. The stronger alliance of course than receives the benefits of gems having to be used against them. So the much weaker side loses gems for very little reward while the stronger alliance receives extra rewards in the form of gems simply because they are much much stronger. A solution to this would be that the leaders of each alliance could be given the opportunity to put in a formal request to have their alliance declared to be at too huge a disadvantage. A ratio of 4-1, for example, might be a good way to test this, whereby if one alliance has a ranking 4 times that of the one they are fighting against the members of the weaker alliance would receive 100 gems each. These gems could then be used in battle to make things a bit more fair. The stronger alliance also wins since they would get a portion of the gems used against them. If this is too difficult to implement, an alternative could be that the gems are given at the end of the war if it is determined there was too great a disparity. Knowing a person would be compensated after the war, they would not feel so bad spending a few gems against a much stronger opponent. So alliances would win gems if they finished in the top spots. But alliances would also be compensated if pitted against an alliance that they had no chance against.

A second option might be to allow members of the weaker alliance to call on Zeus and Hades in the same way they can upon them in regular combat. So they could only be summoned once every 24 hours. This would mean an alliance with 30 members would be able to call Zeus 30 times and Hades 30 times for every 24 hours at war. The granting of Zeus and Hades to be used in the war would only happen if the leader of the alliance puts in for it soon after the war begins. This could be done if there were a one hour cease fire between the time the alliances are assigned and the time they could begin attacking. So weaker alliances would have one hour to put in a request for either gems or the right to use Zeus and Hades.

Let me know what you guys think. 

i think that you are right, and something should be changed (if it does not solve itself after a few season…). the problem is how to determine which alliance is strong and which is weak and to find also ways not to exploit granted benefits to weaker allies… (i mean a strong alli can try to find ways to pretend that they are weak… like right now a lot of members of such an allies simply holding their trophy score low or similar things).

your idea of having a zeus/hades joker once every 24h is interesting - but it should not be granted by gems… and the problem is how to find an algorithm that grants the joker to some players… if they would find a way to do so, then i assume they can also find a better solution of match-making (without the need of other tweaks like suggested)…

i realy do not have any good ideas right now, but i hope other players have and the devs are aware of the problem and also try to find solutions (for every league)…

Hey NaN. I like the use of the term Joker. It’s fitting. I think the solution is to simply have an hour or two cease fire prior to the strikes beginning. That way each alliance can see who they are up against. Alliances would then have an opportunity to contact the people in charge of the game and put in for the Joker if a poor match up meets certain criteria. I don’t think this would be too difficult of a task to work out since most conflicts would not meet the criteria. I’m sure the wizards at Flare games could figure out how to make it work. But if not the Joker idea, then I don’t see why they couldn’t just dole out gems to the alliances that were mismatched. I spent roughly 50 gems in the first 90 minutes due to the fact there were only three people that I could attack. 

Another suggestion I have is that in the first two hours if it can be determined there is a huge miss match, blessings could be randomly removed from the stronger alliance for the duration of the war. So if they have 12 regular blessings and 3 war blessings, three or four could be randomly removed. In fact, this might be the best idea of the three that I’ve presented.

I think it is near impossible to work out an algorithm that will work with so many variables. But once the alliances are paired, something at that point could be done to even out the playing field. This would even be more in line with reality, since the underdog often won in war due to certain strategic advantages they were able to create. The Joker, as you called it, could represent an underdog creating such strategic advantages. Under the present system though there is little room to take into account representation of real life strategy once the war begins. 

in moba games there is a strategic element with hero selection, but something like this cant be used here.

but this delay time is kind of interesting, but i dont see to work the way you suggested (if i get you right)… again who should decide who is the underdog… maybe it could be used in another way, no idea yet.

but why not make the usage of hades or zeus be possible for everyone instead of a choosen heros within an given amount of time. each torch a team loose this time reduces a bit maybe. or an additional excange is granted. maybe also a fixed amount of such joker exchanges instead of time. strong team dont rely on the usage of zeus or hades against weak teams, but it might help weaker players… interesting and worth to discuss what other player think.

btw. 50 gems in 90min is nothing for some players, they invest much more (but maybe also can bin much more) it depends in which league you play.