suggestions to improve this beautiful game

  1. Pal Nemis upgrade, costs too little; we need to strengthen it.

  2. Simultaneous translation of languages, to have a dialogue also with people of different nationalities.

  3. With the new update you need too many Ally resources, lower the costs of the respective LV.

  4. Increase the radius of the Pal Fritz, with the possibility of hitting the skull towers in the opposite lane; doing so will have more alternatives, and the possibility of using different combos.

  5. The Pal nidhogg is almost impossible to find, even buying crates.

  6. Have the opportunity to exchange items between members of the same ally, in the market of grandmother or creating a megazine exchange.

  7. Having the possibility to create a fusion, merging 2 identical objects, creating a stronger one.

? Add a cash prize in daily prizes

  1. highlights the guardians of the towers in the new war mode