what about Suicide Paladin or Suicide Knights, which will  BURST like a BOMB if they hit the troops or towers ?

We already have gargs for that…

if i have 16k leadership for example i could just stay in tent and spawn suicide knights continuously and i win XD it’s not so doable.

OPELLE is right would be to easy to win

it would just be gargoyle 2.0 bt stronger coz palladin has much more health that it won’t die before blasting .

Hell no absoluty not. Someone with 10K leadership or more can spawn easily 100 knight in a raid or more. imagine now if the knight can explode.Like oPelle said just spawn them at your tent and watch

make the game so easy. Oh boy a paladin at max with +10 boost in HP can have easily 6K or more HP plus if you boost his speed.

Now you must think about the top alliance who can easily expand this 2 boost for a long time.

I think without doubt this boost can destroy the balance in the game totally


top ranking guys can be destroy by anyone who have 11k leadership ?

i think this war boost should not be in the game.


This war boost is very good for low lv players. For the rest is useless.

The best units still to come


Opelle’s- Yeti

Mine -Spies


Some one else suggested Yeti before oPelle if I am correct :slight_smile: although oPelle provided vital suggestion about how we can have a yeti. But then again we all did that so we should all have the credits :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeti is not mine idea, i just worked better it on how it could be the stats ^^

We could have an alien … bring Kipps into the game for real.

I want insta-mummy. Just like insta-goyle or insta-archer but with mummy. They span exactly where your king is.

Mummy are already insta when you summon them its appear instantly where your king is

insta-mummy its the same like Mummy.


i’m sure MrSchmouck did a nice sarcasm sentence to underline probably “wtf of special boosts are these” 

I may be wrong too of this eheh

he did not know that wow

some unit cannot be insta because can make the game broken

like insta Cannon : You face a Firebolt base and have trouble to destroy them you don’t bring Firestorm because you use Pyromancer but they have trouble to help you destroy like 4 or 6 firebolt in a straight line. Oh wait summon a huge army of Insta Cannon + Storm Cannon and bingo destroy a base in just 1 minute

Insta Knight : just with 1 morale imagine you reach Castle Gate no more troops follow you and you are doom oh no wait summon like 50 knight or more and bingo

Insta Ogre and Werewolf : make the raid so easy if insta

Insta Arblaster : just Frenzy Frost are insane imagine plus Insta

maybe just insta Mortar can be acceptable

Yup, but insta-mummy wont break the game. I’m pretty sure of that.

lol like I said insta mummy its the same like Mummy right now. You never use Mummy in this game? or never have a chance to use Surprise Mummy in this game? What your level? for me only level below 25 cannot know that. I don’t remember since what level you unlock Level 1 Mummy

I check in the game you are level 95 O.o