Sultan feedback (Royal Guardians)

Thoughts? Discussion about his abilities? Let’s collect it in this thread here :slight_smile:

The damage and skills are ok. At higher lvl it may even be verry good.

Downside is that Sultan feels a bit slow

Nothing bad to say againnst Sultan. His special ability (The Bomb) are really strong against Beast and specially against tower. Of course if you are level 100+ and drop at 1,500-1,900 you will be so much OP with this guardians. I think over 3,000+ its ok

PS : Guardians like Pals should have a limit of level. Unlockable only at level 80. A long time I say it. Too much powerful at low level and mid levels.

His ability isn’t as strong as it should be and he is darn slow, if he were buffed a bit he’d be awesome!

like pals all depend of his level. Of course if you have Sultan at level 1 maybe not. Mine is close at level 3 just need one. At level 2 I kill too much stuffs too much easily. I have try for fun a Level 108-110 you know what? same if i am weak I can defeat them. Will see later when my stuffs is all maxed to face stronger but for now Sultan is too much OP in the range trophy 1-3,000. I will see later when I reach 3,200+ 

its obvious in low and medium if someone have it level 2-3 or 4 its OP its not enough to describe it. More than OP its god. Guardians should not be unlockable before level 80. That destroy too much defense and specially make Beast useless but totally useless same Phoebe

Guardians become only less OP at level 100 and again all depend of the base you take. Without any boost same level 100 is too weak for Guardian.

I say they should be unlockable at 80 maybe more at level 100 its only there you start to find strong base

sultan slow but nice blunt attack,seems can be good on higher level,only complain is rarely get it in chest,only got 1 time in chest.didn’t got second time and with guardians one need to collect more of same type to upgrade it,so my sultan only lvl 1 !

the only complain is Sultan don’t appear often in the chest. I have got over 10-12 Trusty. Some Donkey since the last update. If that was not of the holiday chests then my Sultan should not be close level 3. So I hope the % to get one time to time will be better

after the last conquest i own now Sultan LVL4 … but for me its too slow and the Damage range is too low to use Sultan in every raid.

As mentioned in another topic, I’d like to see these changes done to Sultan:

  • Initial Cooldown reduced to either 30s or 25s, because the current one (34s) is too punishing, you really feel like you can’t summong him as often as the both Donkey and Trusty. If he is to have the longest cooldown, that’s fine, but make it more bearable.
  • Speed should be improved to 4.5; that way he is still the slowest of the three “starter” Guardians, but not extremely sluggishly so. He’s big, he’s basically Kaiser’s cousin, and being slow feels thematic to his Blunt-oriented utility, but it really could be a tad faster.
  • Lacks an “Aura” effect compared to the other 2 “starter” Guardians, and I feel like what he brings to the table (Blunt damage Ability, overall sluggishness and extremely long cooldown) does NOT make up for the lack of an Aura and being crippled and way less attractive than both the Donkey and Trusty.

That’s all I wanted to complain about.

Oh, and as a reminder, please unify all Guardians’ “Speed” values to be in the same realm as the Unit/Hero Speed values, because Sultan’s Movement Speed of “4” is the exact same as Werewolf’s “4” (in terms of numbers), but he obviously moves like 3 times slower, which is unnecessarily confusing to the playerbase as a whole. UNIFY YOUR METRICS, there’s zero reason for making Guardian’s “Speed” stat be different than everything else in the game for the sake of just being different.

Feel like a more offensive trusty but slower, if i faces base that have 6 tower in the corner consist of heal tower, snake tower, basilik tower he would be perfect, i only need 1 or 2 time call him to deal with that same spot would be a game changer . But if base with gargoyle nest, skull tower which is quite deadly if not take down fast then trusty is a much safer bet since it also slow troop and prevent wolf from howling in there and make a crazy strong choke point. So idk, he is great agains base that i familiar with, have many tower close to each other since you wont be using him right if you dont know where is the spot first, he is quite slow and if that is not a corner or a choke point over the path then half of his bomb is wasted . Nice guardian but depend too much on base.

i don’t know if suddenly the % have up for Sultan or I am more lucky than I was since 4.0 but I found 2 Sultan in a row in my free chests. Hope this will continue that way. close level 4. I like Sultan he is awesome.

Nope, percentages didn’t change, you are just lucky! 


Just be glad you aren’t Homer…luck certainly wasn’t on his side here. Take advantage of your lucky moments!

Homer Simpson.PNG

I would like Sultan’s bombing ability range to improve to 3.50 or 3.70, then He’ll be much better.

The primary attack needs a little increase in range

As a pal that players use to destroy towers, Sultan should be able to reach towers like this with its primary attack:

Yes Please, Buff Sultan if possible… Sultan, a kingly ride, is my favourite guardian… Do whatever you like, but dont degrade it… Upgrade it and make it so strong that it can kill even CP with utmost ease… hehe…

But whatever you say, I use Sultan on daily basis and it IS the best guardian ever (well, Gaspar and Sultan are my #1 favourite)…

Add Bomb kicking Aura to Sultan with the range of 3.0 - 4.0.