Summer festival starting on Thursday :)

Hi guys ?️,

You know what? Sometimes dragons get lonely. So we thought we should add a fox as well. ?

Are you team fox ? or team dragon ??

Leave an emoji below! (This thread is not locked).

See you in the forums,

Madlen :slight_smile:


? is ok for me, ? is also fine. 

I like dragons - especially fire dragons. But posting an emoji from desktop not simple.



? you mean ?


? ??? hoping for both aska and nidogg cause my Ally mates needs them. Some don’t have aska and some don’t have nidogg. I am team dragon  ?

Team Fox! Hope you make Aki`s confusion permanent some day.

? Aska ?

Team dragon!

?Team fox. Or better team Aska ???

??? bring the mighty chicken! ???

Or a Tyrannosaur.

We will see another disappointed festival soon lol, this is a dead game…?

Team ? 

team fox ? but please put  aska 

I hope there will be no new pal

Dont get me wrong, but I truly hope, the they DO NOT give us Aska and Nidhoqq. Its time for new Pals - even if not everybody has these “premium” pals. Players who already have them will not be happy with such a festival.

I actually bought Nidhogg with real money and got aska from the Pal Chests I got in one time offer, however, I can confirm that Nidhogg is not that good pal right now but yes Aska can be a good addition in ones collection of Pals…

Both ? and ?

We have too many bears, foxes, dragons and wolves already 

Bring some new animals lol


Nemesis to be forgiven…?