summer festival

Looks like it will be an Aska/nidhogg festival or Aki/eldrak, if FG wants people to get even more angry. Curious to know how much they will cost. Probably have to buy chests again to get enough to buy one of them, unless the festival will be longer than 7-8 days

Btw, people can’t comment on official announcement threads, Miss CM

Why don’t you tag our CM?

Better we should wait for the Festival to start and then we will have all the time to criticise Flare again…  :grinning:

I also tried to comment, but it was not possible. 

My choice goes to ? is my choice. Let it be Aska. 

The festival must regain all its glory in 2-3 weeks and not 1 week …

Tagging leads into immediate ban and probably a lawsuit xD

Maybe due to new rules? We should not tag them. 

Players seems to be scared of being getting banned for Tagging…


I know, I was just trolling. Sue me

Nobody is criticizing here YET :wink: Just a simple discussion

But you already know that where it will go!!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

I know you were trolling, maybe a better word is kidding here.

It seems you also are interested in getting a PM? I received mine yesterday, but after telling my story in a normal and descent way, I received a pretty good and positive response, so for me it belongs to the past.

We are all people, also the developers, so they also deserve to be treated with respect. 


That I can confirm, even for writing something incorrect they are afraid. I think I can speak freely here by telling, that as long as you treat others with respect and don’t give angry responses, that you will be fine. No need to be scared, discussions are welcome.  And when there’s something needing immediate attention (like a server is down and players can’t log in), that then exceptions are allowed for sure.

Ah I know why you can’t answer there! I will fix it. Give me 5 minutes.

Should be fixed now. Can somebody leave an emoji? :slight_smile:

I just did.

Thanks for the hint btw. :grinning:

Here you go… emoji?  ?

this is how emoji’s look like here…


Yes, I asked people to vote :slight_smile: