summer festival

Team Dragon Nidhogg


After years we can again comment on official threads…thanks to madlen ??

Yes cuz u have the other one?

?i need it…

I’m sure it will be a great festival. I will open the chests by harry potter magic. ?

for example, wingardium leviosa 

Alohomora is for unlocking things

Don’t care… leave my phoebe alone! ??

you are absolutely right ? but I am very afraid of Professor Snape. 

Is there a special magic you know of? ?


No need to be afraid. Snape is good guy lol

Thanks dear ?

Nice festival!

Yeah, I’m excited about the festival as well, but I fear that we may only be able to buy one item or pal. We haven’t had a full length Festival in a long time and this would’ve been a nice one to have more time on. Now I have to decide whether I want Aska or the Skull Boost Ring

I think the skull ? I can even say that it is the most important. 

and I need it. ?

I don’t know, I mean, I could get that ring in a chest, but Aska, on the other hand, is a lot harder to get

I need gold, I have stuff to upgrade. That’s all I care about.