Summer is coming, get ready!

Hello Kings & Queens!

In a few weeks, summer might start showing up!

What are your plans for this summer? Any plans so far?

Let us know what you would like to/will do, be it in your Kingdom , or at your comfy home!


  • 500 gems for the funniest answer (x5)
  • 500 gems for the most realistic one (x3)
  • 500 gems for a random entry (x5)

Deadline is Sunday 22/05 at 23:59 German Time.

Good luck and have a nice week!

do I post my answer at here?


Yes :slight_smile:

with this x2 rr2 farm boosts summer mean nothing


(with such a production of bread, the game takes a lot of real-time)

Raid less, swim more. Enjoy the sun and nature. Meet new people. Share some lovin.

IGN: an1l75

Summer is a time for vacation, be with your loved one and be happy and share it.

“Happy” really when my kingdom is getting looted and I am getting gems for it. I need to know the “status”.

So for being “Happy” I will have to balance my vacation time and the game time. 

Summer plan is to enjoy together with all my family members at the beach,we will once play rr2 on our mobile devices together,share some tips.we wouldn’t forget rr2 even the vacation is on.tq

my summer plan :stuck_out_tongue:  

     playing rr2 in water and then cry when mobile Brock :slightly_frowning_face: :stuck_out_tongue:  
     then i will buy new mobile in that day then play rr2 :stuck_out_tongue:  

also taking my attack video (each and every attack) … and sent to my frnds :slight_smile: :wink:  by watching they will also get like to play  and i will became the king :stuck_out_tongue:


my ign is :- KING VIKRAM 1 

I’m going to stay all day studing and working. I think it will be the best summer ever. Everybody envy me hahaha. 

IGN:  AnkNouZ

This summer, I think I’ll do the best trip of my life, also I win the Diamond League in royal revolt 2 and I will take the fifth star, although I have now devoted to my 4 stars.
but this … in my dreams.

in reality, after the hangover of Saturday night I find myself on the beach with my dozens of books to study to give all subjects of chemical engineering of the first year.
my satisfaction is that I made my girlfriend fall in love with this game which is preparing to upgrade to the max alliance tower, and, for the “Diamond League” in royal revolt 2 well, let’s see if I can bribe some top players but be careful, it stays a secret ahahahah

i want 500 gemssssssssssssssssssssss 




IGN : Darren795

i’m going to get in trouble and get grounded this summer.

ign: Vossa Magnificência

i’ll propose froster to be the king of my kingdom, and we will be happy forever… At least, untill winters back

ign: gengis me


Who is this Summer you are talking about??? Hope she is nice looking…
I will not disclose what are my plan or even what I would like to/will do to her (neither in my kingdom or at home…)… at very least, it seems quite an odd and indiscreet question to ask if you want to know my opinion… :s

Just gonna change my landscape to Northland or Christmas woods and make myself feel cool untill my mom calls me and asks me to throw the garbage, get irritated, back to Northland’s pleasure.

Reading this don’t get me as 14 year old, i am not.

IGN: Syed Ahmed1

ign: Buuks


I will continue to avoid real life and continue to be lazy at work!


It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine…it’s summertime.    Ign: Darkkaos

There’s no summer here so my life will keep going as always. Stay at home, go to the university and hate the sun for the heat :slight_smile:

I would like to round up all the jumpers in the game and lock them away in the castle  dungeons and feed them bread and water.

IGN  Naomi Cerna


I’m going to buy an AC and put it in the tent , troops really need some cooling in these hot days…


ign : Yahia_M