Sunstrike - Casual alliance seeks 2 new members

Hello fellow deities, 

Sunstrike is looking for 2 new members.  We’re a casual guild. Play as you like. Donate if you wish. We’re mostly English-speaking, but all languages and cultures welcome.

Half of donations buy blessings.  This means we enjoy 2-3 blessings per week.  Our leveling is slow, but steady.  Our current gold boost for alliance members hovers around 34% to 38% depending on our roster and activity.  That’s not as high as a more intense guild, but you get to keep your gold boost on a daily basis.

Got a job? No problem. Got a family? No problem. Got school? No problem. Got a life? No problem.

We want the game to be fun and relaxing for you. The only reason for /kick is if you leave the game for a long period.