Super Duper Gem Discount

When does FG give a super duper discount on its biggest gem package?

Do they do for everybody like a 50% or a 75% discount? 

Personally, I never received any big dicount favors from FG till date. Hopefully, in near future.

Your experience with it.


+1000 yes

If I receive such a discount 75%, I will surely take two of them.  :lol:

If it is 75% discount for 50% more I will take three of them!

Let’s make this happen then. FG are you listening. t88039.gif


And do it during this event. Now that is irresistible  :open_mouth:

Yes true, Last days of the event, make it memorable FG. t4616.gif


Give us a 75% discount on the biggest gem package (20,000 gems)

It will be on the last day of RR2, Before they releases RR3 version.

:lol: no, I am sure they will give one huge bonus to its players. Options:

  1. Within the event

  2. Christmas bonus

  3. Anniversary



I would also reconsider to buy the largest package for a descent discount. Not just the 50% off. Think that a lot of players will do it right now, since it’s very attractive.

Not only 20k gems, 20k pearls make it even more attractive.

Christmas is “close” they will surely do something like that

Let’s hope they actually do something like that :wink:  

FG, do it. You have made a great move. Any gem pack, and the whole alliance gets uber chest.

Why not a 75% discount in your gems? You will see all buying that instead of the small packs. Simple logic.



FG, IF you are not going to give all your players the discount, you can give it those who want it.

those who are requesting it on this thread need it. Please support us as we have supported you.


During all this Community Event this is what they offered me continuously:


id like that ive had no offers


@oPelle, I haven’t been offered that for a very long time.  Usually it’s 30% extra gems, but for the same price or 30% off in price, but the same amount of gems.  The best deal though, as I’ve said it previously, is 50% off in price, but same amount of gems.

It seems FG is playing around with currency

99.99$ for 20,000 for me. Now this for even more so basically in terms of $ it should be less and more gems.




The prices are dependent on the Apple store, Google play store and Windows store. Those stores provide different packages that are optimized for the specific currency of the different countries.  This mean the same package will differ in price dependent on the currency and the country.

(This is in any case the information given by these stores when you publish new software)

I call that ‘offer’ a slap in the face. I also got it.

I bought twice 20k gems for €49.99 1.5 years ago, so this so called discount isn’t even close to what offer I expect for at least being tempted to consider buying. Well… maybe they don’t want my cash :grinning: . After the community event I definitely won’t buy it, so they have to be really fast.