Super low trophies

I have use a new account IGN: Alex Return

To try how does the super low trophies work , that famous Ductd831 have done long time ago, LIUZZ , (((Super-A))) , ilovesh ,who use now . And Mentor-X just done like Ductd831.

The answer is terrible,

Because the super low trophies can see and get more golds also metals from the player much more weak . And none strong enough can get any gold if they are up than 2000 trophies! It’s really unfair! No needs any program special any technical heck, it’s just the setting of the game, the setting by the flare!!!

And super low trophies it’s really easy to keep in low , Just drop trophies when there’s food too much, also without any defense can work the same, or keep online in some way maybe!

If this became the cause to banned my account , it’s fun, but I hope the flare can ban all the super low trophies players!!!

I’ve also tried this, but it doesn’t worked. I have a lvl 79 King with 4k3 trophies when I am up. I was at 300 trophies for two weeks or so but I didn’t got more gold. I got the same like when I am up. I belive it only works if you are a low lvl player and I think it takes now very much time, till the server thinks you are a low lvl player.

Works only with the account new which never been up too much, like never more than 1000 trophies!

Highest trophies is line to see how well the super low trophies work.

Never up than 600, you can get gold from 1100+

Never up than 1000, you can get max gold from 1500+

It’s unfair for all player up qiockly the trophies!

It means that ,if you can’t or don’t up the trophies, the system will see you like a “weak” player always!!!

Ah okay thx, didnt knew this. My friend also want to try this. He was never up than 1.8k with lvl 52. Can he get more gold if he has 300 trophies ?

Once up . He can gets gold only from the higher trophies player if he gets stronger his king ,level up king ,spell troops

Thank you !

Anyway, this is a unfair way to play the game I think.


Hope one day there’s no more super low player.

jona, something needs to be fixed here. this is unfair. a much high lvl+strong king can strip my trophies only by doing 7% at my base (he died), just bcos he stay at lower rank (very low for him). :slightly_frowning_face: