support ticket

HI All      @GalaMorgane…I have a question

I have raised a ticket by flaregmes support regarding suddenly kick from the game without any reason when gate was already falling down playing challenge 9 on pro league … lost over 100 points cause of it.

I wrote with Ana and she told me to give all details regarding this issue…I send my response on Saturday. from that no answer form your side…and current Pro league edition will be finished in 19 hours. why it is taking so long ??  tomorrow will be already too late to do anything… Is that what u call  “support”??? :slightly_frowning_face:

what do you expect to receive from your ticket?

to be fair, its not hard to imagine they have no way of verifying your story, and they can’t go around giving PL points (or compensation) to everyone that submits a ticket saying they got kicked from the game suddenly.


LOL  … Of course the can prove it . the same as they are able to look in ninja event if u were kicked or not or if u left some obstacles on the way or not

I made already 2 tickets regarding ninja and always get an answer. So if they are able to see it in ninja event for sure they are able to see it in pro league.

Second thing … they should not give compensation to anyone as u wrote…they should give it to someone who has problems :grinning:   . simple.

And last thing… what did I expected? ANSWER!!!  that is exactly what I wrote above…but apparently u did not read it carefully… and this answer I did not get until now . LOL

You are right in part, Morfoz, but you really need to attach either a video of some sort, proving that this happened. Or even a screenshot showing level 9 unfinished

I did it … I send all Details as requested by Ana from Flaregames support… cheers :grinning: