Supreme Victory bug - Battle does not end

Even better is win a battle and game does not end it. Sat at 0 for 20 minutes then let other players join. Cost us other tower. Total mess.

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Wow, that I have never seen. That’s a very strange one.

It is absurd. Everyone so angry. As leader I don’t know what to say to them.


I know the universal phrase

“Sh.ts happens”

Bugs too.
Nothing extra or etc, we all makes mistakes.
Sometimes Flare doing too

Hi Kuska,
Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue and it negatively affecting your Conquest.
It is forwarded for investigation.


Now explain how that 7 point tower loss did not affect our placement?


We want our towers!!!

Start building a new watchtower if you still can. This gives a point.

All builders running

Same bug 2nd conquest in a row this is ridiculous. How are we suppose to play like this. Left king stranded. Battle does not end hours later other team can join. We want this fixed and compensation. ! You can see battles all around, do you think it was advantageous to be stuck for hours? Cost us placement last war. Now costing us other battles.

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2.5 hrs after we win it allows more people to join . This is so bogus AGAIN!

Hi Kuska,
This is very unfortunate. I am really sorry you are experience the same issue twice in a row. We are still investigating this bug and hopefully will be able to fix this soon. I understand how very frustrating this is for your Alliance to experience this for the second time.
For any compensation regarding this matter I would kindly ask you to contact our customer support who can look into this further.
Thank you so much.

Tickets have already been sent

Still no response to support tickets filed​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Just from the screen shots given, my guess would be this: Enter the values given in the screen shots into your supreme victory calculation (e.g., the calculator on RR2 wiki), and you’ll get that, at that moment, the attacker needs a negative number of skulls for supreme victory. I’d guess that this negative number is somewhere in your code treated as / converted to unsigned int type, and so the negative number gets somewhat around 4,000,000,000 skulls the attacker would need. Thus no supreme victory.


@Kuska Have somebody been in touch with you by now?

@thomas239 Thanks :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:. I will defo forward this for investigation :slight_smile:

No… no response at all. Extremely frustrating.

They had 0 troops amount needed for supreme when attacked was 3000 and something battles were done fast and efficient. This yes supreme victory! It counted down as battles done , hit 0 then just sat there. Just like before. We took 2 other 0 troop towers in that hour that did behave properly…

4,000,000,000 to take a tower with no player on it, 0 troops with the tower guard? Sounds like the wiki calculator needs some serious help!

I sent message with the probable cause of the bug…