Supreme Victory - Problem+Suggestion +Comic Strip

My team (small team (8, others couldn’t for their own reasons) not a mid/big alliance) lost 7 towers (level 1 with 225 troops in each) in a span of 1 hour,  the opponents (9 players online at the same time) were not stronger than us (we don’t mind being defeated by low /mid / high level team). The only problem is we never had the opportunity to fight because of different time zones, work, education, sleep etc.,  I went to sleep and woke up to find we lost without a fight, as if someone threw a rock on our heads while we were sleeping and scored points. Its like [sleep/work/family time] vs conquest.

I think an effective way is the supreme victory starts only when there is 10 hours remaining, the first 14 hours supreme victory is not applicable, this way at-least some players can login and we have an option to fight even if we get defeated we knew we did our best, instead of just messages tell us we lost towers while we were sleeping or working without any info (we need more info on our victory and defeats such as how many skulls/ players participation etc)

We are not worried about defeats we do understand its not fair always winning, but its not fair when we lose without even having the opportunity to fight.

Hope some changes are made so that we have time to respond to attacks, in a 12-15 hour period, losing towers in few hours is totally unfair.  The comic strip summarizes what we went through (7 towers).

Disagreements without being a smug would be nice and will be appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry to hear that. ? I have forwarded your feedback. The comic is cute though nonetheless (sorry, but can’t help finding it cute!). ?

Thank you very much for forwarding my feedback, the games artwork is very cute and inspiring to sketch ? thanks.

Hi guys, it is a bit hard to keep track, because there is already a thread open about SV.

You can find it here:

I would kindly ask you to continue the discussion there. I will move the comments into the thread. And lock this thread now.