Supreme Victory Score

Can anybody tell me How is this score counts work??? I checked that it is automatically getting low.

Just calculate the decrement,
You need clock/stopwatch, check both scores (blue/red) now (write down).
Then check the differences after 1 minute (write down) -> You’ll get (X) from blue & red scores (write down).
Take the last war score numbers (Y).


Blue (b) ETC: Yb / Xb / 60 minutes = Zb, hours needed to win
Red ® ETC: Yr / Xr / 60 minutes = Zr, hours needed to win

If Zb < Zr -> Blue team will win
If Zb > Zr -> Red team will win

During the first hours, about 10-11 hrs, the counter is active, afterwards it practically stops. You have that difference in SV requirement because there is a lot of difference between your attack and defense rating (1 hero with 0 troops VS 3 heroes with troops), even with the terrain advantage the multiplier of 0 is, well, 0.