Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

Our alliance was initially excited about Conquest but our ranks had declined and we didn’t have enough players. We missed the first season. We built our alliance back up and have played every season since…and it has been an unenjoyable experience to be truthful. We learned quickly that other alliances just waited for a battle to get close to the end and then joined to easily score a supreme victory…even though we had been winning up to that point. So we changed strategy and did the same. But the supreme victory element is still flawed and should be reworked or removed.

I am currently fighting two opponents, one lower level and one higher level. I have successfully attacked both and neither have done well attacking me. So I should be closer to winning, right? WRONG! To win a supreme victory, I need 32,000…they only need 4,000.


If anything, they have proven to be less effective and I should be awarded Supreme Victory. But the way Flare has set it up, they just need a couple of higher players to come in and steal the win from me before I would be able to counterattack. 

Supreme Victory needs to go!!!

It all matters with troops, it a normal that there is such a gap between both side because you solo attack lvl 2 tower that has a lot of troops, also the tower is in the forest (1.3)modifier.

It is not like war where you just attack without thinking.

SV is what makes conquest unique, with a good strategy you can make so many things.

LOL… “attack without thinking.”

you obviously play differently. A lot of thought goes into our alliance’s gaming…spreadsheets and collaboration. But with the requirement of having 15 players we thought we’d have more participation from members. We have less.

I still stand by my original statement that Conquest is the  least enjoyable  part of the game and should be reworked. Based on the abundance of negative comments online about Conquest, I’d say we’re not the only ones that feel this way.

Ok, but do you think it s fair that you can achieve supreme victory against 2v1 and a lvl 2 tower that your opponent had a hard time to build?

It is normal this gap. 

Ok agreed conquest has it flaws, but this mode has so much potential. 

Personnaly I think this mode is better that War season, just plain.

I think you learned a bad lesson, unfortunately. Waiting to almost lose just so you can join the war and then get a supreme victory doesn’t even make much sense.


What makes sense is to join a losing war (when you migh be almost suffering a supreme victory) to purposefully keep the war going for longer, preferably for the whole 24h. It’s the pinning tactic and it’s very annoying.


You’re wrong.

This is why:

  1. They’re on a tower (x1.3)

  2. They are defending in the woods (x1.3)

  3. You’re attacking in the woods (penalty x0.7)

  4. They have 2 heroes (this is only a minor boost by itself)

  5. They have almost double the troops (600 vs 1100).


This all sums up to a very low 473 attack rating vs a good 2438 defensive rating.

Which means they have the upper hand when it comes to achieving a supreme victory. You don’t.

You will still win because you’re stronger tho, but it will take you 24h to do so.


Lol, you are only think like that because its not in your favor  .If there is no player can score high skull in your base join that battle you will still win, its just that they put more work in protect that title so they get a bonus to help them keeping it .  Try to walk in the other side shoes, use alot of stone and alliance gold , wait 2 day , have 2 member guard the tower on a defensive title and lost to 1 guys only use a bit of energy which will fill every minutes . 

I like this feature, one is it allows players at work, sleep and such time to respond to attacks and to defend.   It would be really unfair if a team had 1 player or 3 that were 5+ lvls higher than rest of the players and they could just steamroll a teams towers.   This takes out some of the 24/7 aspect of the game.   

While conquest is not perfect, it helps to understand the mechanics of the game.   

EDIT :  I also noticed the skull bonus is tiered based on how many players on each team  +50% for each up to 150%.  Nice feature too.    


the only main problem of this feature is the inegal fight. When I see you can overhelm someone 5 VS 1 and win 20,000 against 400. Its not really what I call really fun. I said it when 4.0 have arrive. This feature should have a cooldown time or something to prevent this situation. I like more the equal fight 4 VS 5 or 5 vs 5 but the majority of time you have a unfair fight. I hope one day Flare will do something about this and improve this feature. Do a supreme victory this way is boring. Just do 5,000 skulls and win

I like this one… ?

9 vs 1 wow I suppose that was so much exiting to face the 1 lol. Exactly this should not happen.

I agree, the problem is not a rollback to a particular cell.
The system itself is incorrect, that 1 player can delay 30 for a significantly long time.
Whatever rollback is done, out of 30 people during this time, it’s unlikely everyone will be online to run away, and they will be tied up again.

I don’t know what decisions there are made by developers, but it seems they are testing their decisions on some small alliances and inactive conquest maps. And this is regrettable.

Conquest is a strategy based event.

If you do not understand the strategies,there is no point in blaming that the game is unfair.

Winning and losing is part of learning experience.

Instead of complaining,try to understand why there is such a big gap in skulls needed.

Strategy? Really?)

Yup…downright it is.

With proper strategy,an active team and a team that  listens to a good leader,Conquest would not be such a pain in the ***** for generals.

But the world is not perfect either.We can neither blame the rules,nor blame the team.

Simple strategy is you have to be online constantly. There can be other strategies but this is the most important one.

At present more alliance will be knowing the right place to built towers and how to increase the modifiers.

Boosts are only for 7 days . So make treaties which will give you some good chests. Enjoy :slight_smile:

That’s not a strategy. 

I know, just poked pun at strategy part. I am not saying no strategy is involved, but being online constantly overrides every other strategy.

I know, just poked pun at strategy part. I am not saying no strategy is involved, but being online constantly overrides every other strategy.