Supreme victory

Why does the skulls needed to win a supreme victory drops every minuts? Thought it was only the first hour it needed more and would drop after that?


now it looks to drop 100 every min?


they have a big raise - why wait 18h?

The conditions for your team are harder, since you raid them on forest. That’s only smart when there are plenty of your members and not much of theirs. Also you should clearly have more troops.

Say on normal terrain (grass) and without any troop difference every second 1 skull is subtracted from supreme war victory condition, now you fight on ground where defenders have advantage. 

60 skulls per minute are subtracted when the defenders plus offenders have same condition. however… Their terrain advantage makes their skulls difference needed multiplied by 0.7, while you need 1.3 times the skulls. Also troops and other factors (research for example) play a role in this. So it could mean for them the supreme condition now is lowered by 100 every minute, while your condition is decreasing by 40 every minute for example.

To make it more extreme, even when you have more skulls, that doesn’t matter. Who reaches supreme victory first, will win. Having said that, only very close wars will end naturally and I expect then that to be only situation where the team with most skulls win.

Let us inspect the elements here that influences the war victory conditions. Your team is petite Alliance

  • Defense rating for your team is 300, while their attack rating is 600. That difference of 300 is important. What determines this, I don’t know (research does a part)
  • Troop difference is huge, 700 troops against 1505 troops. That has a major impact on the condition. Heros without troops can be wiped out in 5 minutes when going solo. This is added to defense and offense rating, making skulls scored count harder or less hard.
  • Your team is defending on grass, giving you an advantage of 1.3, while they get 0.7. 

All this is part of the formula to determine Supreme victory condition. Time plays another role, every second less the value is lowered, but in your opponents situation the clock is ticking in their advantage. Only thing you can do, is hope for members with a lot of troops to change the tide or to accept loss. In this situation I think it’s hard to win this war, people without troops can’t change the tide, only give you some time to delay their victory.

So if backup troops are underway, and for them not, it might be worth it to continue, otherwise accept that loss. Don’t lose other players that can delay them, your team members losing should load troops max and go into that direction where you lose. Catch them on forest and make them pay. Remember that they also lose some troops, so their attack will be lower next war. They need a watchtower or stronghold to refill those troops.