Surprise event poll

Madlen said 3 days ago that it will be there a surprise event on Thursday 23rd a surprise event.

What kind of event do you prefer?

I like festivals if they aren’t crazy hard.  The game is getting so time consuming and hard.  It really isn’t as much fun.  I love the conquest event and ninja wars.  War season is really becoming a grind.  Pro-leagues are fun on an occasion.

I don’t think an update is considered an “event”, especially considering they barely released 4.0. it’s probably a festival.

I prefer events that don’t punish players for not knowing they would happen, so I would say festivals.

I don’t get any benefits from most surprise events because they always happen when my stuff is on cooldown anyways.

Let’s pray for an Aska/Niddhog Festival event ? would be really nice to have more strong pals options after Ceres big nerf.

That new post and that “like” above by Madlen ^ ?

I’m now really starting to believe they will make a Niddhog Festival event! ? 

Ugh, well, the Nidhogg Pal Collector would be nice, but I like an event where I control my own destiny. I hate having to rely on luck to have a good event

Well, Nidhoqq is fine, but I think (hope) it is something more. 

yeah, you are right, I confused the names of the events! ? 
I don’t like “Collector” events at all,  I have bad luck with that and never get anything.

“Nidhogg FESTIVAL  is what I meant! That’s what I want! 

Okay, phew, Festival would be MUCH better. That went from 0% control to 105% control :wink:  

If it is a festival, the high trophy user will return to the previous alliance. :slight_smile:



Yeah no, my bet is Eldrak collector. Nidhogg is too much of a “purchaseable” pal and Nemesis is completely out of the question, unless it’s a discount.

But if it results in a festival then it can be Growl for all I care, as long as it’s a festival!

Nemesis price slash to 15,000 crystals, just to kill Macamus ! =D

Then I could buy 3 more

Another pal event with Archimedes, Growl and Tammy which is what everyone needs.

Oh yes please a Festival. This will solve the gold issues I got over 4 Month+. At least for 8 days

Festival would indeed be very nice, but I’m hyped up for something new. Some kind of fun event that we’ve never had before. I won’t be disappointed with Festival though, cause I need the gold

I am not against something new. However something to solve the gold issues. Can be a festival or why not a community month. Each 5 days there is a events. Gold +50%, XP (double), Pal in chest +40% to find one,etc… Can be for each million spend you gain 50 pearls. People will enjoy more to do their raid and play more.A lots of stuffs Flare can do to change the same old boring cycle. they can play MMORPG and see how others do. Give us during few days a events call : ‘‘Mercenary’’ damage will up to +35% for Pals,Spells,etc…

So this way after the War Season where the majority will have War boosts will be more fun if they have damage plus or defense plus or something different 

Yeah. I think flare won’t present something new to us actually, now that I think about it. The reason I think this is cause I don’t think flare will want to risk a new event with the way the community has responded to the update

you have right. With the 87% negative poll I don’t think Flare will give us something big :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t really care if it’s something big, small, old or brand new, as long as it’s something good I am here for it! 

And that’s what they have been failing to deliver, AKA the gems/alliance gold eater update we had.