Surprise mummy strange icon in war tab page.

This morning I opened the war boost tab page and discovered a new icon on the surprise mummy. This was it Capture.PNG

It was a picture of the witch controlling the zombies and it says +100.

To see the icon, you still need to have war boost of mummy active.

Since the info on there wasn’t available I have not the slightest clue what it means.

I can only guess, but does it mean that a surprise mummy can’t be turned into a zombie?

That would make a whole of a difference. When it does, I will use the surprise mummy, otherwise I will go for all ranged troops.

I reason that a mummy is already undead and so a mummy can’t be turned into a zombie.

@Alysea Please confirm.

Can you show the whole troop card? Are there 3 stats given?

I can’t since I am not home. It can be that it’s only visible on Windows.

Would be cool to have a Screenshot of this yup…

Will post it tonight if it’s still there.

Is there no possibility to ask the developers what it means? I expect they added it there, so they should know.

Maybe in the meanwhile I can only describe what I spotted. Maybe another player with Windows plus elite mummy still active can show it here before I can (Will take 8 hours before I am home)

Yes, there was.

I cannot post screenshot as it says big file. I will try to convert it and upload.


Or just upload it on a website like and post the link.:slight_smile:

Just use windows ink and screen shot but use the clip option to select a smaller area.

Yes, I can do that but I did it from my iPad. I need my facebook to work for that.


Now I am curious what it means, Great An.

We have the surprise mummy and if I guess correct it means that the surprise mummy is immune against zombies or is extra strong against those zombies.

I will use mummies in first raid and will let you know. If they aren’t immune I am curious what it means.

Done, thanks Aether. Learned something new today. Using Flickr for posting image.


What’s wrong with that? It’s the usual symbol for knights on Surprise Mummies

Ok, I am losing my mind lately. Glad for clearing that. So every troopcanbe converted :slightly_frowning_face: . Not good.