surveillance :)

What do you say?
It would be good to generals and of course the leader  have an insight into statistics of their allies…
First of all I mean to compare the activity with the donations on alliance

Some kind of reputation system would be great. This way, we would be able to know who donate often and participate in wars.

It’s a problem right now in our alliance. Since we have a lot of boosts we attract lazy players that only wants some boosts put put zero effort during wars. We had to kick 6 or 7 members after last war. It would be nice to know what kind of player they are before accepting them in the alliance.

perhaps not so dramatically :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only our own allies



why not!!!
Now you have to watch out for refugees

another approach would be a standard welcome message when a player join an alliance, it is set by a leader. A player receives the a message automatically when he joins an alliance. so we can state a couple of rules ( participate in wars, pay fee or get kicked etc)

Not a bad idea


good idea, would be great a simple statistic for ur king ?, for example how much skulls he get through the war seasons, so other alliances can check it and if both sider agree to transfer players u know like in the football.

don`t  make this topic to fall dawn … Maybe Alysea read this :slight_smile:

Excellent idea and maybe a general discussion that all players can see. 

dont make it die!!!


I am very glad that you like it :slight_smile:
Some of you are so enthusiastic wow :slight_smile:


you have a good idea, but someone whant steal it frome you!!!

hahaha :slight_smile:
Let them do what they want :slight_smile:
As long as the idea was accepted;)

Alysea!!!  read this !!!




Yeah, that’s would be great. I’m getting tired of having players entering my alliance for the boosts, don’t accept my friend requests despite my repeated messages and leave during the war … As they don’t accept my friend request I cannot be sure if they are profiteers or just forgot to accept or didn’t see it …

I agree.   Great ideas