Survey for an incoming War Season

Hello Kings & Queens!


We would like you to participate to a survey and tell us which boosts would you prefer for one of the incoming War Seasons!


You will be able to find the survey directly ingame thanks to an in-app message. The survey is available in English , German , French and Spanish.


You can follow these links to answer the survey:











Results added:


Units boosts:

  • UberBlaster:  65,7%
  • Insta Goyle:  20,11%
  • Putrid Prowler:  14,19%


Towers & Obstacles Boosts:

  • Stargazer Tower:  46,05%
  • Cursed Cenotaph:  23,26%
  • Sniper Hideout:  10,57%
  • Healer Tower:  10,06%
  • Panicpunch Trap:  10,06%

Lulz, everyone will choose uberblaster for the gems shower

A new indulgence is always appreciated!!

Aether, this message was preventing my game from loading. Iphone 5s, iOS 9.1. After 3 tries the game finally loaded and now no in-app message. Also, I just won my Diamond League during this time and did not get the notice I won and did not receive the 350 gems.



It is highly possible your issue is not related to this, I am not sure the survey is live on the game yet :grinning:

At least, I didn’t receive anything on my account…


Anyway, please only post questions if you have some, or comments about the SURVEY ,  any other comments will be removed. :grinning:

I also wanted to choose for double bread cost during war … Pitty it was not included… ;-b

My question is why us asking for same boosts, when there are plenty of them still to discover?



I don’t know why only these boosts have been picked, I know this survey is to decide which ones will be available during one of the next war seasons, so it would please the highest amount of players.

try activating all new war boosts at once. for more bloodiiii merrier war :v

I am getting asked to fill the survey out a second time.  Kind of reduces its effectiveness.

no in-app questions once again for windows phone users. i anwered here (to get my instagoyles), but most of players dont follow up forum. so make something happen so windows phone / win 8.1 users can also have those messages!

Yup this is the only place to find the survey for Windows players.

Hola me gustaria que esta web la pagina este en español saludos amigos!!!

Dear Flare,

On the next war, i hope you making real video about how to raid hard base with the new boost war, not just “joke” video like you making when you introducing new boost for next war!!

So we all can know ur boost war truely can beating with scroll free, or you just “imagined to scroll free”

And i hope you can realized that video!


flare is deaf, flare keeps ignoring its players wishes. where is the quit option from this forum?

Elite Snake Tower spawns Mortars, Elite frost tower spawns frosters. Why not?

I want a survey about loser Skull Bonus and Skulls in Chamber of Fortune. 


Skulls in CoF should be removed, specially now with the Black Screen bug for some players! 

Mine crash about 5times in 10 attack yesterday :slight_smile: