Well I got to tell you I have gone thru the forums and Flare you have some real issues on hand…and by the looks of things you have a great number of unsatisfied customers!!! I have to admit I am one of them…you keep adding things…some that are great ideas but come up short…some game play issues that by the looks of it haven’t really been totally thought thru…or so it seems…not saying that every thing sucks…but there are issues just the same…items that have been brought to the forefront several time with no response…

The latest is the Friend Uber Chest…really come on …imho it looks like not a whole lot of serious thought was put into that…and another huge issue is balancing between all game platforms…just as an example no free videos on face book platform…hardly fair to those who only play on face book…

Food for thought…why not run a survey…read thru the forums …list all the issues then ask what the customers want the most…for now forget about bringing on new stuff…fix the old issues before you lose more customers…build the survey and have every active account sent a survey to complete for say 200 gems …and give them the option to do it or not…paying players gems for the time spent doing the survey…it doesn’t cost you anything for the gems…just the time for someone to create the survey…it may perhaps even increase you customer base…

If you want you business to be successful then you NEED to LISTEN and HEAR what your customers have to say!!!

It should not be only 200 gems why not 500 gems


I agree on this, Barely any game dev actually listens to the players which equals less players.

Also 500 gems is to insane, 200 sounds better.


Sorry was just testing this… sorry lol

i want 500 and you want 500…

Hey guys - I know y’all are “new” players - no offense, but I started playing this game a few months after release - but Flaregames does listen. It can take them a long time to implement certain features, but they do listen.

For example, back when I started, the last spell was sonic blast and and the last tower was the skull tower. Dungeons had just been introduced, and alliances were not around yet. Which means, neither were elite boosts. The best raiding combos were things like sonic blast + bladestorm + heal and arblasters + pyromancers + cannons. The top 10 players had only 3500 trophies; etc. 

Then the forum begin to clamor for stuff, like a alliances. A daily login bonus. A way to upgrade your equipment. Elite Boosts. War seasons. War boosts. A healer unit. A spell to turn the waves against themselves. More quests. Uber rewards. Etc.

And boom, you got it. And now you want even more…

There are a ton of top apps that don’t even have a daily login bonus! Or elite boosts! For example, Clash of Clans has none of these things; in fact, very few apps in the TD genre have any of these things. So please stop being so whiny for once. This is the worst fan base I have ever seen for an app - an app with developers that really do listen.

i’m not new i was here 11 months after release and i lose my account and got another and lose it and then got this one but i was inactive for a while. but i was here as long as you. :stuck_out_tongue:

True. But still - I started before you. I started the week after dungeons were released - and I’ve only lost 1 account - and I also was inactive for a while lol :stuck_out_tongue:  

So you agree with me, then, that flaregames does listen? 

50% agree and 50% that they take long to give you what you want .

Lol I 100% agree with both; the two are not mutually exclsusive. They definitely take a long time; it was over a year after daily login rewards were first asked for - but they were added, after all.



Flare does listen. We may have a long complaint list but still, this is amongst the best games I’ve played. Flare added uber chests in daily rewards in recent updates. People complain that all items are not as good as the purchased ones but something is better than nothing. At least they are better than a free epic chest in daily rewards.

I agree with Pyromaniac. Nothing is perfect, there are still lots of work to do, but at least Flare does listen to us. They fixed many things, add a bunch of new good things and they also have a better customer service than any games I have ever played. I used to have a problem: no videos available on my game in Windows Phone 8.1, then I sent some emails, posted a topic on this forum, and BAM! After 2 weeks, my game got videos again. So just don’t get mad because you saw problems, the devs are not god to solve all of them in 1 day lol :)). I’m sure Flare will continue listening to us and won’t stop working so hard to solve every single problem. They deserve a _deep _respect, you know…

i still don’t get videos

I get videos but no rewards. Only a 30% chance or so to get rewards

Also guys, I feel like I need to apologize for being so pro-Flare and anti-player/complainer. Uber chests were my idea - not the bit about 300 gems to open them but their existence, anyways - and to see so many people hating on them once they were introduced to the game kinda soured me up a bit on the forums. I feel like I’ve vented my some of my feelings on you guys without you guys realizing it or even quite realizing it myself, either. Perhaps you are more perceptive than I am, perhaps not. However, I still feel like an apology is due.

Not that Flaregames isn’t a great company. I still stand by what I’ve said. However, I also feel like I need to own up and stop talking as if I’m not a shitty person myself - like when I said:

Sorry, guys.


Pyromaniac (a.k.a. smiles! :slight_smile:  )

P.S. Here’s the link to the original post: 


People hated this chest because it costs gems & added the possibility of getting skull boost perk on swords & gauntlets as well. With it, some have got very high attack, leadership, health, gold bonus, etc. People also hated that social uber chests because they used to be at the top continuously moving. I also found it irritating. My overall review on uber chests, I like them in the daily rewards. I got Izila Veil which made my attack stronger. They are way better than those enchanted or epic chests. We cry over the fact that we didn’t get that item or this item. At the end of the day, you still use that item.

Man I have to admit the Uber chests´s items can make a player way stronger than his level. I´m level 70 now but also have 12000 health thanks to the 7000 health armor!!! Uber items in those chests are really crazy…

I do agree with you Pyromaniac. Flare do have a very bad fan base. It is nowadays better than it used to be.

I do however think (and it is my own opinion) that Flare is to blame for this because of the following:

  1. Flare has a no communication policy - “do not interact with the players and do not give them feedback”. I have many times asked for feedback and this was given as an official response to me at more than one occasion. This policy does not seem to apply to other Flare games and I have seen the direct feedback given to questions.

  2. If you look at the architecture of the RR2 servers (and again it is may opinion) 50% of the development effort goes into data mining. It means that Flare knows exactly the patterns of what is going on in the game and react accordingly. They do not have to mind what we say - they know the facts better than anyone. They know who leave, they know who pay the bills, when where and how. They also know what is used and what not. 

  3. There is a really huge gambling theme in the game. It is so big that a strong case can be made to say that this is a gambling application in a game format. The point I want to make is that with gambling and with gaming comes an addiction behaviour. Many players openly admit to this addiction aspect. Many many players have said goodbye only to start playing again after a short while. With this addiction comes the need for a daily fix & very rude behaviours and communication. So my opinion is that when players start to whine about things and threaten to leave - Flare knows it normal addiction behaviour and the outcry of game addicts is rather seen as a good thing than a bad one.

  4. With the latest update I have noticed a big change in forum behaviour. Many long-term players suddenly seems to become ambassadors to the Flare game cause. The one thing that stood out from the rest was when Dena4 admitted that the developers contacted him about the alliance matchmaking algorithm. This statement was totally out of place in the way Flare has done things in the past. I think Flare has changed their behaviour and has chosen some loyal and active players to actively engage in - and I think this is a very good thing. So when we think of how to make this game better by suggesting new things - these long-term players will tell us that our ideas are not really that good - and they are right because they know the game.

  5. I really enjoy it when new players think of new ways to improve the game. I myself put a lot of thinking into trying to answer the question: “What can be added or changed to make this game better?”. There is unfortunately a tendency from many old time players to - at some point ask “how long have you been playing?”. “What is your king level?”. (If you did not play at least 2 years and are at level 100 you know nothing and your opinion does not count - GROW UP!!!. See comments made on league suggestions). The thing is that the mechanics of the game is very different on different levels of the game and it is natural and good for new players to be exited about the game and to suggest new things. The other thing is that every time the game changes - the old timers are affected in a negative way- their experience is nullified. The playground is levelled and they need to redo all of their analysis of the game again. These players have spent 1000 of hours to see what combinations of troops and towers works best. All of this time and effort is taken away by new updates. 

(If you do not agree to the above - it is ok - it is only my opinion and it may be very wrong. I do like the game the way it is now but really hate the gambling themes. I do enjoy updates, but I am only willing to invest more money if the defence system is improved the way it was suggested on the forum. I will continue playing no matter the outcome)