Susquatch Cup Bug level IX

At first attempt on level IX I died and I made it well pass frezy beast and reach near to the gate upon dying. The position of my king was after jester box then However, I got one crown with point 108 points. Normally, should expect around 200 points at that stage. Anyone else experienced this before?

Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot verifying a completion, only a screenshot from the main window

My IGN Sindbad_x

1 crown usually equals <50%, getting somewhere at the half of the castle gate would have given you a 2nd crown.

According the topic by Jona in below link

1.My device: IPhone X

2.Operating System: IOS

3.I got 108 points in level IX with one crown while I pass jaster box but time is out (explained above?)

  1. Happened only with level IX

Please I need reply on my issue.


Let me rephrase it for you plain & simple: you didn’t reach the last half of the castle gate area & you didn’t damage the gate, so your score is max 50%

Not a bug.