Swap PvE & PvP?

_Perhaps, this is an outrageous, premature, or plain infeasible suggestion, but I risk it anyway. Please bear with me, as I respectfully submit this before the esteemed veterans & talented developers of Olympus Rising for a focused discussion. _☺️

IMHO, there are 3 distinct classes of players:

  1. The Elephants—those who wish to play at leisure, in their own time, at their own pace. “No pressure, please!”
  2. The Tigers—those who like to test their builds against other players one on one. “Who’s better—you or I?”
  3. The Lions—those who want to belong to a team, learn from them, and engage in collective fights. “Let’s hunt together!”

Each of these classes are valuable revenue opportunities, so needs to be enabled with suitable gameplay modes that fit their personalities, preferences, and short- long-term play objectives.

Elephants ”, as is their nature, have an initial reluctance for confrontations with real players, so are more comfortable in defeating getting defeated by the game engine. No ego-bruising here. PvE serves this purpose. Currently, the Odyssey monster islands offer this. This way, non-allied players can peacefully play the game without the fear/ pressure of being attacked by players with the advantage of divine blessings from their alliance. However, for self-paced gameplay at leisure all week, this mode should be enabled 24x7. The advantage of such a provision is that even “Tigers” “Lions” benefit from this as they grind PvE for Gold hero leveling. As frequent multiple raids occur in PvE, Wisdom points could be used as entry tickets, instead of the extremely limited Ambrosia. Therefore, I respectfully request that the default gameplay mode for Olympus Rising be PvE playable all days of the week.

Next, the “ Tigers ”, as lone carnivores, would like to draw blood with real players, but dislike the pressure of allied players egging them on. So, they prefer PvP. However, as delicate egos come into play in PvP, it could be enabled at Ascension Level (AL) 30, when the new player’s defenses are adequately strengthened via PvE and their confidence level sufficiently high. PvP can be offered via the Ithacan Harbor, with opponent matching (via skull-difficulty) done by averaging ALs plus unlocked monsters, towers, and powers. If possible, blessings could also be factored in. Instead of Wisdom points, Ambrosia could be used to enter PvP. A separate Leaderboard (already available) offered exclusively for PvP could further motivate players to engage. In addition, by linking Enhancements to this mode, the “Elephants” too can be gently drawn into PvP, and eventually to Multiplayer mode—by tempting with Masteries. Here, I respectfully request that PvP be opened only during the waning days of the week—Thursdays Fridays. During this period of a winding-down work week, players generally feel upbeat, and so can engage each other in a relatively friendlier manner. This, in turn, enhances global player satisfaction longevity on the game.

Finally, the “ Lions ”, ruling the jungle with their pride, enjoy the company of their brethren and attack as a team. They like to prove themselves to their team mates, bask in collective victory, and sulk in collective defeat. When new players get comfortable attacking each other in PvP without bruising their egos, they are ready to be introduced to the Multiplayer mode with access to alliances, only offered at AL-60. This way, the player entering an alliance is established enough to not go alliance-hopping for Gold, experienced enough to appreciate his/ her veteran team mates, participates joyfully in wars (without becoming jaded), and wise enough to accept the collective victory defeat with equanimity. In my brief tenure with OR, I personally witnessed a few junior players fleeing their alliances (both mine the opponents’) after the first wave of attacks in wars. So, this delayed entry into wars also eradicates the issue of outlier ALs (i.e., too low-level) in alliance membership. To incentivize Multiplayer participation, Masteries are offered here, not in PvP. The current Multiplayer mode is near-perfect, except for its timing. I respectfully request that the war season be limited to weekends—Saturdays Sundays only. This way, players can study/ work peacefully during weekdays, grind PvE at leisure, check their builds in PvP as the weekend approaches, and engage comfortably in war (with proper sleep) during the holidays. Alliance matching could be based on number of attainable Furys and average ALs (minus outliers, if any). Here, Duel, Incursion Confrontation are sufficient, as a 4-alliance conflict in Campaign becomes redundant; in a 2D map, an alliance can only attack a maximum of 2 alliances, anyway. A separate Leaderboard for alliances (already available) further motivates the Lions.

In sum, the takeaways are: PvE for Gold leveling up ; PvP for Enhancements ; and Multiplayer for Masteries. By timing PvE, PvP, and Multiplayer modes to AL-1, AL-30, and AL-60 respectively, the player is kept engaged for a much longer duration in the game with periodic novelty. To further incentivize, special gear offers may be scheduled from AL-1, Gem offers from AL-30, and Unique Titan offers (such as Mirror Shield, Golden Fleece, Apple of Discord, etc.) from AL-60.

_Thanks for patiently reading through, and apologies if I misunderstood anything; please do correct me, if so. _☺️