This alliance has sent me something like FORTY invitations over a two day period. I finally joined to tell them to stop harassing me, then left, only to have that followed by THREE MORE INVITATIONS. Can’t the moderators or powers here do something about this?

This is no different than STALKING.


Finally got booted from them after posting the above.

Seriously moderators, can’t something be done about this? If this were a real person I would go to court and have them issue a restraining order. Why should a game be any different?

That has to be the stupidest alliance name I have ever heard…


unmark invitations , :huh:

Master meme … i think its worse :grinning:

on 3,000 Alliance or more I am sure you can fine worst than that

Touche , Awesome group of people at this Alliance and I like the name myself but everyone is different.

He caught you

… And before you say :grinning:


…and once again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Ukikotek, I agree with you. Everyone has different tastes I just don’t understand the airbag part. If it was Swedish Warrior, Swedish Knights or something like that I understand.  We have kind of hijacked this post too :slight_smile:

Invites you can disable. But thinking again, if they invite you so many times, indeed, why to be so hostile, they probably like you, so why not visiting them and make new friends…

I like the name of this alliance. It has humor.

Would suggest also other names as well such as Hotel Sanitary Bag or Airplane Vomit Bag or Scum Bag etc.

Let’s try it another way.

Say you’re a woman. And there’s this guy. And he asks you out. And you say no. You tell him, thank you for the compliment, but you’re not looking to date at the moment, or it just isn’t a match for you. So a few hours pass and he asks you out again. And again. And again you say no.And he keeps sending emails to you asking you out. Eight, nine, ten emails a day asking you out. Until you realize he’s asked you out more than 50 times in less than a week.

At what point does this become so harassing, you start thinking about things like restraining orders? And who could honestly blame you if you sought to get one?

Look, there have been a few alliances I have signed on to and said thank you but please stop sending me invites who have been cordial and promised not to do so in the future. They also usually say, if you want to join us in the future, just apply. I thank them, they thank me. We wish each other happy battling.That’s class.

Sending MORE invites after I have actually joined an alliance specifically to ask them to stop inviting me? That’s the very opposite of class.

Now I haven’t been alliance-free for quite some time, and I was curious to see who would invite me if I was on the open market. But why should the onus be on me to disable invites because an alliance is being, shall we say, less than classy? THEY’RE the ones causing the problem. Telling me to disable invites is simply blaming the victim rather than addressing the real cause of the problem.

And it’s a problem Flare can and should be able to address more effectively than it has.

Yep, being without an alliance is a pain in the ass. You get tons of invites. And tons of attacks…

Try to visit our G&M alliance and see how a free player can enjoy the game having season #1 boosts almost all the time and without any grinding or cash spending required. We will not harass you. You can decide to stay or go anytime :slight_smile:

Still like the name Swedish Airbag…

Oh I think the name is hilarious. But then, given my own screen name, it’s probably obvious that I like offbeat humor. :grinning:

I will say it has been interesting to be a free agent, and that I received a ton more invites that I expected. So that’s something. And some of the alliances really have been classy about it. I realize everyone is trying to get a limited amount of players. There was one alliance in particular, which I am sorry I didn’t write down. It’s Warrior something and its leader has a screen name beginning with P; who completely understood where I was coming from and told his/her fellow member who brought up the “you could disable invites” argument that he agreed I shouldn’t have to do that. Nice person.