switch alliance - war forbidden

Story :

  1. The war season is on > " Of mice and maniacs " as you called it

  2. I switched Alliance yesterday (during the war yes)

  3. I tryed to work my part in the new alliance during the war

( 1 round already started and a new round as new war was declared )

Since my arrival I am not allowed to fight AND will be only at the end = H-12h

which is pretty much only 1 round for the very last war before season ends.

This is very annoying but could be “understood” more/less …

NOW my problem is = while I cannot fight, on the other hand I can receive

attacks very much like any other member who is fighting.

If you follow the idea here : cant kick but can be knocked out by others …

Is this NOT a problem in your opinion ?

IF there is a rule of non-fighting because I entered an alliance during a war season,

there SHOULD also be a rule as to get a shield of protection against OR simply

not appear on the fighting list in this war until rule applies I can fight too.

give and receive is normal not receive only …