Flare I have a suggestion.if you provide us a way to switch one of the three spells to any other spell somehow,that would be a great.for example all the spells in the third spell slot will be linearly arranged as they show in wizard tower,and suppose I am using bladestorm spell as the third spell slot and during middle of a raid I see a wave full of boosted palladins,then by changing spell in the same sequence I.e bladedtorm-sonic blast-hammerstrike-toxic cloud via third spell slot,I can cast toxic cloud at the crucial moment and can finish them.but to return again to bladestorm one must follow sequence again I.e toxic cloud-firestorm-swordrian-stun-heal-blizzard-sheild-bladestorm.this can help a raider lot in the game and also provide us a totally different way of raiding.i mean during middle of a raid where every second counts a king have to take proper decision to which spell he must change his third slot to protect him or say if he find a cool down spot anywhere in the base,he can completely change his strategy to continue raid with the different combination.




I like the spells the way they are. They require you to plan ahead.

I see what you’re saying and like that it’s a different idea but it would make raiding too easy for those that can master that within the few seconds.

Almost 90% of the raiders raid with sonic,blade/sheild and swordrian/bizzard these days.what so planning in that.game is getting boring with similar raids so I am just suggesting a way to make things interesting.and this will also increase the use of hammerstrike,toxic cloud,stun like spells which are quite useless above 3000 cups.but if we are given chance to switch spells via any of the slot,these spells specially stun can be very useful imo.

Automatic switch of spells in the three slot spells ?

No no…let me explain you again…suppose you see a base full of skull towers and boosted abs.now you selected three spells say blizzard as your first spell,sheild as your second spell and sb as your third spell.now according to my idea you can’t change first two spells that you selected but you can change last spell that you selected at any point in the game.this can be done with providing a small circular button which I had seen in many games in which we click on that circular button and spells changes at the third slot.this is just additional feature,if you do not want to change your spell do not change it.

you’re suggesting way to make it easy instead of interesting cuz basically raider will have 4 spells 


game is really not that boring these days in term of offensive combo option when you compare it to before alliance update , blizz shield swordrain all useless since the start of game (well swordrain quite good up to top 1000 I think back then) what makes it boring is for me , the same L and N base design and some even use the exact same tower placement and waves composition while also abusing the spell range bug ! That is boring


And people do plan ahead , not all base can be 100% using same combo (not around my ranks and above at least)

You should try a maxed out Hammerstrike, it’s far from useless.




Completely agreed.