Sword and Glove secondary damage confusion!

I have been using frost damage on both gloves and sword till now. Frost is doing very good against WereWolf and slowing everythign from towers to troops but with most higher bases having level 4 mummy from past 2 weeks, its increasingly getting difficult to kill them. Level 4 mummy with snake towers are doing way too much damage. I am thinking of keeping frost damage on one and change to fire damage on other just to kill the mummy faster. Is anyone using this combo? Is it worth for me to invest in one fire damage item? Currently I am getting fire damage sword and glove that are about same as my existing frost damange stats.


Any input from anyone using it already will help me.

I use Normal Sword and Ice Gloves and bring Pyros, Cannons, and Arblasters. I never have had any problems with Mummy and Werewolves with this set up. I usually ignore the Mummies when I can because they die rather quickly to Pyros.

@desihero: I am using the frost and blunt the blunt combo. Interesting idea I haven’t thought about it. I assume your current damage with the enhancements is just above 1,000 HP. Therefore, if I understand the stats correctly and you are lucky enough to find an item which deals 200 fire damage you will increase your total damage to the mummy by about 100, which is still pretty useless. The burning effect may prove me completely wrong though.


I was really starting to think that Archers will have a second life in the current environment. They cost 1/2 morale points are not weak to poison, deal nearly the same damage as Arbs and 500 HP lower. But it really failed for me especially when an ogre or a mummy wipe out 4-5 of them with one swing. May be give them a go if you have max level archers. Admittedly certain things work for certain people. For example using Mummies, Ogres, frosters and Gargs on offence really doesn’t work for me.


@RegaliaRemix: Are you using a lot of Poison shield items? I sometimes get totally annihilated by some nice combos of mummies gargs and snake towers. I was noticing that for me arbs work much better than pyros against Mummies. And when I looked at the stats it kind of became understandable (see below).


Level 5 Mummy has 9,880 HP, while pyro produces 145 fire damage, leading to about 218 damage to the Mummy/second, which means it would take 10 pyros about 5 seconds to deal with a Mummy. The burning effect probably enhances this a bit, but then if they also get stunned it basically takes forever…

Whereas Arbs make 644 piercing damage, which makes 322 after taking off 50% resistance and therefore about 3 seconds for 10 arbs to destroy the level 5 mummy. Obviously they are way more affected by poison damage from the Mummy, but then at least they can also quickly deal with the Ogres from the same wave.

I am using both blunt always work for me i always leave ogre and mummy behind for my pyro and arbs they do there job in a good way i am proud of them :wink:

I use fire damage and forest damage with same time. Its work for me and Its very good.

I currently had a frost-blunt setup, but have switched to fire-frost right now, as I got a great frost gloves offer today and have some decent fire-sword in my inventory since a few weeks (slightly higher damage than my frost sword). Will see how that works out… otherwise, I might switch to both frost thanks to you desihero, as you’re right: blockades, skull towers, werewolves are indeed all weak most to ice and firebolt towers unreachable anyway… interesting, interesting…


So far, I dealt with mummies mainly with pyromancers and spells (when ready and next to towers).

Though, I have noticed that (at least when I attack with my mummies lvl3), gargoyles seem to kill those mummies pretty quickly. Also, I recently raided with ogres a lot (to counter gargoyles) and found that they work decent against mummies, too.


Btw - mummy LVL 5 ?! I thought max was 4?


Your guess is correct on stats. My attack is 1043 with 190 and 170 as secondary damage. The fire ones are coming with 180 secondary damange. I am not sure how it will affect though and surely would like to find from someone using it. 


I have all my units maxed except mummy. I have tried max archers instead of arblasters and my experience is speed and range of arblasters is much powerful than archers. Even though archers have no weakness to poison, max mummy at 500+ kills them easily. Also, since arblasters has much longer range, they can kill the mummy before mummy slowly approaches and kill them in one shot from near. At 3.5 archers range for me are much less and hence the weakness. Pyros are definitely slow on mummies.


I cannot use gargoyle on offence tried several times with no luck. Ogres and frosters though are my favourite. CANON + ARBLASTERS are the default with Ogre, Froster and Pyro for 3rd depending on the troops to encounter.


Mummies are definitely having a weakness to blunt damage.

Lol, sorry Florian, well spotted, LVL4 is bad enough

*Sigh* I already thought I was getting old when everyone here suddenly talked about lvl 5 mummies!

i hv a 250 fire stat glove (currently using it), only good thing is one hit on froster, froster will die itself ,besides , mummy will burn itself as well, taking a little more damage . Bad side is it takes more time to bring down max skull tower . 

I don’t wanna go on a one on one with mummy, I’ll die before they die. So no fire stat for me.