Sword with Ice damage Vs fire damage?



I had a sword 245 attack with 86.3 fire damage and today just bought a new sword from the granny 338 attack with 223.8 ice damage but wondering which one is more effective in battles? I am around 4750 trophies so the battles are hard and didn’t really feel the ice damage as froster can cause so what do you think which one is better to use?

But frost reduces damage to you and you troops, by beasts and towers.

It may also prevent the wolf howl sometimes. So that it does not have time to put on the resistance for all units and buildings around.

Also from slow ogre much easier to dodge.


As you like. Depends on your combat tactics.

When it is about the cold, the important thing is not the damage, but slowing down.

Frost frost frost frost frost

Frost is hands down (IMO) the absolute best damage you can have. I would never raid without it on either your sword or your gloves. Even if I have a sword/glove that is a little better than my frost one, I will still use the frost one. That is not a problem for you, as your strongest one is already frost, so I would say most defiantly use the frost.


Frost slows units, which is even more effective than the panic effect of fire IMO because it effects monsters as well. Skull towers and wolves, the two biggest obstacles in a raid (IMO) are weak to frost. Towers get slowed down when hit with frost, so if your king can run ahead and start hacking at a skull tower, it wont shoot as fast and decimate all your troops. Monsters get slowed pretty good as well, so that ogre might not be able to play whack-a-mole with your troops as much if he is slowed with frost.


If you are good at keeping frosters alive, they will obviously slow things too, but they cant run up ahead like the king and get those tricky towers. Fire is only good at panicking troops, and I dont think that even works on monsters does it? Barricade is weak to fire, but atleast at my lvl (85) a king aint gonna hack away a boosted barricade without spells anyways. Frost hands down.


Plus…good lord that frost sword has like 230 more damage than your old one, why are we even having this conversation? :wink:

Well fire damage doesn’t really do much… But yeah frost is better…

Frost particularly useful when faced with one beast.

For example, you can push away slow ogre from your troops, and still have time to dodge.

But if you encounter three beasts a time - it’s almost useless.Therefore, in the attacks on the average or mid-high base - frost, of course useful. But on top, probably not.


I think so :slight_smile:


*blunt damage is another great option, all structures have weakness for it

“Therefore, in the attacks on the average or mid-high base - frost, of course useful. But on top, probably not.”


So what would you use for the top dogs? Blunt?

I would say blunt is good too, because all buildings are weak to it. I have frost sword with blunt gloves. But if I had to only choose one, I would still pick frost. It still damages the skull towers extra, and has the added effect of slow. Blunt is good for buildings, but I wouldnt say it is a game changer. Even with 100% weakness to blunt, you are still only adding at most a couple hundred damage, on max buildings that have 20k+ health. Plus alot of troops have resist to blunt.

Also, Lets just all take a moment and agree that poison damage is completely useless for any situation :wink:

I prefer frost over fire, I must have 1 frost dmg on my glove or sword. The slow effect is more useful than the tiny dmg from fire (if there is). In fact, frost deals more dmg to wolf, skull tower plus apply slow to it’s running and attack speed. Fire deal more mumy, barricade…

My record is near top400, I used Blunt+Frost, and Blunt+Blunt

It works different on different bases.

Cannot understand what is better.


Blunt weakness of buildings is not 100%, maybe 200-300 or even more…

So you think if I find later on a blunt sword I should get it and replace my current frost sword right?

I save all good/different items for later use.

Experiment yourself.

Game is changing after each update.


just don’t sell good items and try to friendly attack your alliance’ members to test all you want


There’s a wide range of units (pyromancer, mortar, wolf, gargoyles) that are weak to ice damage. Also, gargoyle towers, skull towers, blockades are all weak to ice damage. So basically, ice damage overall is a pretty effective type of damage on most bases. 

On top of that, ice damage slows down everything it touches (except units/towers that are currently under a wolf howl buff effect), so they can be effective at reducing the amount of damage an important foe deals to you and your raiding party. Slowing down walking progress of units is also nice to have. 


Those two aspects, ice weaknesses on many units and structures, as well as the slowing effect, make frost damage something good to have on your weapon and/or gloves. 

Personally, I usually have ice damage on sword and blunt damage on gloves, or the other way round. 



fire weapon only good against froster,cannon, mortar. But those troop are ranged troop, so u might not be able to hit them with fire weapon. And I don’t see how it helps on barricade. 

and against frost towers :grinning:

Fire is strong against Mummy. But Frost is strong against everything, including Mummy.

Also, @ the person who said that frost is useless against multiple monsters because it can only slow one at a time, fire can only burn one at a time •~•



I just bought a sword 348 with 267 blunt damage and I was using before 338 sword with 224 frost damage so which one do you think is better? Knowing that I am using gloves 224 with 234 frost damage too

I guess that blunt damage sword more useful vs bomb tower and spikes compared to ice one while still effective against skull and gate , thats the only plus I see

What do you think about the blunt against troops? I am just worried about that point because some people say froster is better against troops than blunt so I am a bit confused if I should focus on base or troops more

The damage from the ice ridiculousThe main thing - is slowing.Therefore, put the ice damage twice - is useless. The slowdown does not stack.



so you think sword with blunt and gloves with ice will be a better combination  right?

or vice versa :slight_smile: