swordrain dmg

hi guys id like to really know which lvl of swordrain i need to kill max frosters and max boosted archer


my swordrain is at lvl 8 atm and i only sometimes can kill them.

Swordrain Level 9 can kill max Froster (level 9) in 1 hit, about Power Archer they have different health according to different boost level so i don’t know…i don’t wanna say a stupid thing probably max swordrain can kill max power archer ?

thank you. i did just test my lvl 8 swordrain to max boosted archer. it does take like 75% of their health. so i think lvl 9 or 10 is needed to kill them.

max elite archer can be kill with lv10 sword rain

Swordrain lvl 11 is needed to kill max elite boost level Power Archer