System of "Medals of Honor" for Alliance Members, please?

"Newb Enablers" series


If these expectations behaviors are enabled through the game engine itself, that would help even new Founders to guide their flock accordingly. Augmenting my previous suggestion, may I suggest a recognition system of “Medals of Honor” for performing alliance members that can be awarded by the Founder. The first image illustrates the idea for the 3 honors. The numbers on the ribbon are the number of medals received.

  • Teamwork medal : For role-modeling/ exemplary behavior—collaborating with supporting other team members, perfectly synchronizing cooperating on war directives. 
  • Leadership medal : For role-modeling/ exemplary behavior—taking initiatives to support the Founder in alliance admin, sacrificing personal interests for team interests, positive regular communication with team, motivating the team. 
  • Bravery medal : For role-modeling/ exemplary behavior—performing against difficult targets, volunteering for succeeding in hard challenges. 

Besides improving player motivations on Multiplayer mode, this system can also enable alliance cohesion. 

Next, these medals can be viewed by those inside  the alliance when viewing the player’s profile. The second image is an extension of my previous suggestion

Finally, these medals can be viewed by those outside  the alliance when viewing the player’s profile. The third image is an extension of my previous suggestion. Note here that these medals can be carried forward by the member when migrating to other alliances, as they have personally earned it by hard work. 

Of course, alliance Founders may choose not to use this recognition system. And, of course, players are free to opt out of such high expectations by avoiding the Multiplayer mode altogether. 

Thanks in advance. ☺️

You can make similar medals for the Union. For example for the fulfillment of military tasks throughout the Union.

@AriesRising I support all your ideas. They would have added a lot of new and very interesting things to the game. The game is getting boring. I would like to see the developers have engaged in your ideas.

You are bringing some good ideas for the game,friend.

I hope @CaptainMorgan and his team are following you threads in suggestion section.

They will be pretty cool if implemented into game,no doubts about it.

I really like you threads. 

(P.S. please stop adding new ideas for some time as @Warriornator is right you have already given captainmorgan and his team lots of work???)


For the benefit of new players & thereby OR’s future itself, I need to put in writing (& visuals) as much as I can, as soon as possible, for our Blessed Cyclops & team… I’m on borrowed time.?

 The Captain can take his time to implement/ discard at his leisure, no rush for him. ?

Don’t tell me you will stop playing OR after some time.