Tactical Advantages and Disadvantages to Terrain

I am becoming a veteran player in that I’ve unlocked every unit maxed out most of my buildings, I have little to look forward to.  And now I want to spice things up.

So I realized today, nobody ever uses half the terrains, and worse they don’t mean anything! 

That should be fixed, I think each terrain should have it’s own tactical advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a sample of the advantages/disadvantages I’d thought out:

Note these are just ideas:


Northland: +25% health for Froster and Frost Tower.  -25% Health for Gargoyle and Mummy.

Golden Desert: +25% damage for all fire damage.

Highland Meadows: +25% health for Knights, Archers, Paladins, and Arblasters,

Haunted Forest: +25% damage duration for Snake Tower and Toxic Cloud, +25% health Paladins, & additional poison damage for Werewolves.

Burning Rocks: +25% attack rate for Cannons and Mortars, +25% health for all towers. & random bursts of fire damage, may cause damage to attackers or towers.

Happy Birthday: Counts as whatever it shows up as on iPhone (not a real maptype).

Graveyard: +25% damage for Ogres, Gargoyles, Mummies, & Werewolves. & random Fear makes weaker units run in panic. 

Mystic Garden: Frosters and Pyromancers get an additional blunt force damage.  -25% speed for Ogres, Gargoyles, Mummies, & Werewolves.

Autumn Glade: +25% attack rate for Arrow Towers, Archers, and Arblasters.

Christmas: +25% health for Ogres, Frosters, and Pyromancers.

This is the first time ever I concur with you, these are very interesting ideas.

In one way, the terrains are only supposed to be ornamental, but in the other hand, those changes would add a new tactical resource to take in count.


We should hug or something.

u missed haunted forest.


Thanks, I fixed it!

if they make their terrains free, then it’s ok to have this.

Actually, as long as the terrains are all balanced (i.e. you can build a base of same strength (albeit with different setup) on highland meadows as you can on winter them or graveyard), I wouldn’t even mind the current gem cost of 100-150 gems per environment. After all, you can only use one at a time and can adjust your layout and troop combo to it perfectly, no need to spend gems for unlocking all others.

And buying 1 or 2 of them costs less than 1 diamond league win, so over the game’s lifetime it isn’t much anyway. 


More problematic I see the fact that currently in alliance wars, the style of a fiefdom determines every alliance member’s base environment in all corresponding wars, which would screw up the whole system. Should be an easy fix/change though, to remove this fiefdom-based fixed-environment condition from war… 

On another thought, you might argue “fine, that will add a tactical component to alliance wars!”, and while that might indeed be cool, you have to keep in mind that nobody knows in advance what kind of fief their alliance will get next war, and also the fief style will most likely always change, so in fact it wouldn’t work out in practice unless each alliance has a self-chosen, permanent (but change-able for leader) fiefdom/environment style that doesn’t change each season. 



Anyway, this suggestion reminds me a lot of some earlier topics from last year… take a look here: 


There were probably more than that one topic, but nowadays it’s hard to find old topics on the forum… 


Yeah, there would have to be some adjustments made there.


I think the whole Alliance Wars system needs to be redone anyway:

Here’s my thoughts on that:


I would also love to see all terrains go from day to night. 

Currently we have night time or day time terrains.  But seeing them change would be cool.  

This I agree with maerique,+1 for me

Christmas is a bit like night in Northland but I agree with you about it changing.

Good idea


And you dont need to spend gems to unlock, can just spend the useless  vouchers…

Hum, what happened to you?

Maerique, very very good idea.

(If Flare every allowed us to vote on ideas. Most of my votes will go for this one.)

They really should the genius of this what I love about Royal revolt is all the different “elements of it”  We have basically 6 types of damage maybe more?  I’m too tired to count.


This would have been very handy in the current war season.  :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s about time Flare notices!  And patches up the Alliance Wars!


I think there is some confusion about this idea. Is it meant to be only during war season with terrains randomly assigned and not changeable? Or is it about constant terrain advantages all the time with terrain changes up to you? If it is the first one then I agree if the second well I don’t see that as fair to free players.

I do not see anything in RR2 as fair to free players. What do you think is fair to free players in RR2?

i think it is fair, why do you want to get something if you not give anything?