Tally of unresolved bugs and issues

Now that OR hopefully has some resources back to work on the game, here’s a tally of bugs and annoyances that haven’t been addressed. Please add to the list if you know of one:


  1. Tartarus Invo Bug: Critical bug, causes game crashes. Might only affect iOS devices, might not. Seems to trigger more when there are a lot of things on the screen at the same time.

  2. Frenzy Invo bug: Frenzy invo has unlimited duration, maybe triggered by bia, maybe not.

  3. Frostbite bug: Frostbite seems to multiply the damage of other perks, not just weapon damage.

  4. Damage Reflection/Area Damage Bug: High area damage combined with reflection seems to dramatically multiply physical damage dealt.

  5. Damage Reflection/LoH bug: I haven’t been able to really track/produce this one, but apparently it’s a thing.

  6. Level 1 Phoenix Bug: Level 1 phoenixes apparently can’t jump barricades.

  7. Level 20 Bia doesn’t add move speed like it should.



  1. Alliances who get promoted to a higher league mid-season have no mechanism to buy the war blessings for their new league.

  2. High Level, Low Trophy players seem to still be matched disproportionately. It makes it almost impossible to get out of that situation.


  1. Ajax and Artemis have annoying, unskippable power animations that lock up the hero and make them bad.


I’d agree with all of that above;

with regard to point 3 - I’m still not seeing it, FB and demo are both extremely powerful, so when they proc together it’s almost certainly going to destroy an obstacle unless that obstacle has 500k+ health, which then might take another couple of hits to make sure. If they proc at the same time for the calculation to take place one has to be calculated and thus work before the other - probably demo being calculated first has a more devastating effect. As normally an FB strike can finish off the remaining health. 

Point 4  -I’d elaborate to say that the area damage perk on the GK should only add a thousand damage here or there - but seems to add the whole GK damage on top - IMO it triggers the hero to be hit by contact damage + all of the area damage of the GK per hit, whereas if toe to toe, GK should only hit the hero once and not add on the whole area damage stat.  But there is a separate bug which is rarer, which just sucks the life from any hero, and if you escape the chaos gate, by entering again seems to be normalised.

Non-Bug issues:

Point 3 is very valid- I mean you generally do better without using Ajax’s whirlwind as he’s just a sitting duck when activated. So make them immune to damage at least while animation is active. Ajax needs a tweak anyway, and there have been numerous good solutions to his problem in many threads.

I put that in more as a joke than anything, but neither of those heroes are fun for me to play. Just not my style. I can appreciate if someone else likes them, though (although I would have to say, it’s probably a super minority of players. Most people I talk to find them to be obnoxious to play at best).

I’ve said it before, but I would probably run around with artemis non stop if this was a console game or if it had good gamepad support, but neither of them are built well for the existing platform. And on top of it all, they lose access to the really valuable spells that all the other heroes have access to. Think of how awesome ajax would be with frenzy, bia, asclepius, pheme and damocles/pandoras/etc…? He’d be great. Even just giving them a gem slot that gives them access to ONE of the good spells would be a game changer.

Demo cuts half of the remaining health of the building. FB adds 200% of hero’s damage in the form of Ice damage. If they proc together bot work independently like you described, then there’s no way that the hero can 1-hit a maxed barricade with almost full health. The problem is that I’ve seen that happened, and the hero was a certain Perseus who hits like a pillow (sorry  :wink: ). And when that bug happens, the (demo) animation is different ?. The dev seemed to have acknowledged the problem/bug and stated that it’s not intended to work that way.

Again, even if the bug is fixed, Demo+FB, like you said, will still be very powerful. With this bug, all Hercules with both uniques suddenly ran wide since mid-November. Again, what you said is true: Hercules feels like a God before the bridge and feels like a mortal after/on the bridge, even against a half-decent built GK. The problem is that the bug helps to shave a few seconds here and there, which ends up giving Hercules (or whatever hero with FB+Demo) a lot more time against the GK and that changes big things.

Fine; but some tests are hard to quantify. For example Percy has 135%+ attack speed which means when you see him actually swinging his weapon that doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a graphic, so he could have very high attack speed - demo could’ve activate x2 in one second (with 200% att speed for example) then you could destroy a 500k barricade not in one second but close to that. But if the devs have confirmed there is a bug then great, least that’s another thing for them to not sort out, along with Gk’s issues. 

I think Herc is keeping this game alive right now - as without his abilty to do a 95% on most bases players would get annoyed with the new defences and their weak heroes in attack (I know in time players attack heroes will get stronger - the ones with shields at least)

That would be really helpful and worth the gems to unlock either on existing or new slots.


Probably not fixed yet.

For the first time, happened on my old iphone 6, which I play my mini account. So iOS is also affected. I do not get this on my new ipad, nor did I experience it on my old ipad. I could be a resources/memory problem (device-wise).

There are also a few forging bugs (uniques), but I’d rather all the above are fixed first.

Thanks for the summary guys, we are aware, but it’s always nice to have it summarized as well again. 

Why they cannot do like RR2 and fix it on the moment with a server update? why we should wait since november 2018 or earlier. Like 6 month or more to have fix? for me its a lots of non sense. Just fix them and do a server update. i don’t see why you can do it on RR2 and cannot on OR

Fix them and do a server uptate like RR2

We have perform a server update to fix :

  • X

  • X

  • X

  • X

and so on…

All fixes are announced in that way for OR, but that’s not the issue here. If it’s easy, it gets fixed and release is out.

The issue can be that some bugs can take a long time to be fixed, as the code is not the visual video/action we see. That’s why it is so important to show the videos, for at least giving the devs some sense of direction. For example. an action or non-action of a unit might give the devs a sense of what can be going wrong.

Lets elaborate on the Frenzy bug… even here, we report “may or not may”, “can or can’t” because we do experience it, there is no confirm visual (the red “helmet” disappears), we aren’t 100% the effect is the same, but there is definitely a noticeable effect, which should not be happening after the duration. This can be caused by any number of reasons. It can be because of BIA setting, Frenzy setting, the power of Bia button, the frenzy invo button, the Ajax setup (his power setting might be setting of something constantly, and not only for him), the “general power setting button” might have some conflicting error. Trust me, it can be any small thing and if they play around, they can mess up your powers of Hercules or even Artemis, who might not or do not even use Bia.

Of course… you have to deal with it to figure it out. And it may take a long time, or many hours to do so. I am not saying it should’t be fixed, but lets say that if the game is still being played, it’s not a devastating bug. The tartarus bug, might be the number one concern on that list… and even that, isn’t as crucial as we may think. Practically, think about it… You wan’t to know devastating things? In order: game not loading, purchases not going through, gems of purchases not being received, wars not starting, attacks not possible… and so on.

Anyway just hope the next version will fix close all of them (if possible)


In the meantime until the FB/demo bug is sorted, I propose a new sport - the 9 barricade dash…current record 29.5s.  

Only use of bia is permitted.


I really hope so - the AD damage bug is really being abused at the top lvl of some alliances in TL.

All of these bugs are. I’d say the frenzy bug is the most abused. At least with the ad bug you need to be lucky enough to find the correct gear. Everyone has frenzy. 

Yeah everyone in last war used frezny bug with Athena ???

Not really, most top players saved all their AD gear anyway, as it still functions many lvls above when it was found - the devs buried their heads in the sand by ignoring this on and just lowering the drop rate for AD!  

For me it’s probably the worst bug/ along with FB/demo one that Archimedes rightly pointed out. 

On both sides!

The best counter for a really tough gk is the frenzy bug though! :wink:

Hahahaha could be, but not me I haven’t refined Athena yet???.

Only saying this what I saw in my logs???

Yeah, I think it’s pretty widespread at this point.