Tally of unresolved bugs and issues

Or they could actually look at the GK bugs and tweak ridiculously high GK statistics. It’s totally game breaking and rubbish if a GK can kill any max lvl monster in a second or 2 while the monster can’t cause any damage even while not petrified. Oh yeah we can always equip a lot of stun and used ranged units over and over again with a shield hero.

The point is, that frenzy beats DR, so that’s the bigger bug!

And there are other ways to kill the toughest gk’s, I promise you. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of some of the players here. 

The only thing I won’t underestimate is the lengths players go to use the existing bugs to win…it’s in the devs hands to sort out the mess.  Hope they don’t just hand us the updated version without addressing ALL the bugs that have been highlighted for a while.

its not gonna be wise if they give us a new update without all the fix of all these bugs. Some are really old now.

until read in the forum i did not even know this bug exists. and i have no idea how to abuse it. maybe bc i do not have bia or power hall to the level needed. i.d.k. (and i don’t want to know)

It’s not new. People have been doing it probably for a year. I first saw it maybe over the summer? And it was posted to the forums around that time. 

ah ok, and thx for adressing the problems here. did not catch that one and thought that it is connected to the bia bug from the new levels that came out in november. so if you say summer then it has nothing to do with new levels. to be sure: frenzy is the invo power from ajax, right? if so then a quick fix could be raising the gems for this invo from 15 to 50 - less abuse and they like quick fixes


edit: with “quick fix” i dont mean that this should be the permanent fix. known since summer (2018?), cant believe it… did they ask questions about it if it occurs on all devices, operating systems and player / power levels, is it reproducesable, why is it so hard to fix,…? [it does not sound like a hard to solve bug for me - if the time of the invo duration is >= intended time -> deactivate …  but it cannot reproduce this bug when i try to test it on my own defense the invo works as it should… but maybe you have to do more ]

Yeah, nothing to do with new levels. 

Good suggestion ? but cost should be 100 gems instead of 50 gems to stop its abuse if developers can’t fix it.

i hope this isnt only bc of reaching a high player level in combination with permanent 4* forging … and that the solution is to reduce (like also done in the past) the values for forging items, which only would be a drawback for lower level players… would be the same situation like the old forge and the items that have been produced and players could keep. … 

imho if in general items gets too powerful something else needs to be found for balancing…

so lets hope it is a bug and it can be fixed. (even if i like the synergy of FB and demo now… like you guys liked the old forge)


edit: always have in mind that they also did this: (see copy paste below) 
so maybe even a maxed out defense has no chance against a well built high level hero on a high player level (which should be the case…).
but as already said before : if FB actual does also increase damage from other sources than a normal weapon attack as in the given description -> real fix needed, not a quick or decreased chance fix…

Hero Items

  • Further increased the strength gained on an item when superforging it by destroying 2*, 3*, 4* or 5* items.

  • Players should no longer find cursed items which require them to win Autoplay battles.

  • Perks:

  • Petrify: Increased proc chance, on new items, by 20%, increased duration from 4 to 6 seconds, increased damage bonus from x2 to x3.

  • Regeneration: Increased strength by 50%, on new items.

  • Potency: Increased strength by 25%, on new items.

  • Frostbite: Increased proc ice damage from +50% to +200% (of a normal weapon attack).

  • Area Damage: Reduced chance of getting this perk on Cursed items.

  • Movement Speed: Increased strength by 13%, on new items.

  •  Health (Perk): Increased strength by 25%, on new items.


I think it’s possible that there’s a bug with frostbite AND it was buffed too much in November. I hope the devs are able to run some really good tests on this when they’re troubleshooting it. Maybe, once the bug is fixed (if there’s a bug), the 200% FB damage is perfectly fine! It feels like it’s tough to judge right now, though.

I think they’re also on the record as saying that a maxed out, well composed defense should be a challenge for a similarly high level, well equipped hero, not that the defense should have “no chance”. That’s what they were trying to fix from last spring when no defenses were challenging. Maybe they’ve changed their minds on this issue though. 

everything is possible. and i dont say that there cant be a bug - madlen already said that FB should not increase demolition, like also the description does. but they have still not confirmed it as a bug.

can you add to the list also the phoenix that gets trapped to a hiding hydra tower.

and more important than above: also the bug with the gk-layout: when you choose layout 2 or 3 it shows their stats on the gk-info, but always(?) shows the shields corresponding to layout 1 when attacking. i dont know if this has to do with the delay when changing a defense or not. and i also dont know which gk-layout can be seen to other players or is active. so to be sure i put the desired gk items on hero layout 1… very annouing when testing something different.


against a hero which has most items 4* forged? and maybe also several refined items? no way. it should be challenging for a player you only use 1* forge.
and i thought what they wanted to fix with version 4.2.0, was the effects/bug of the old forge… for players you did not abuse the old forge, the defs have always been challenging. maybe (only maybe) there is still a side effect from transfering item values from old items, but i dont assume this.

but if you want to nerf something… why not multiple cooldown usage on items and maybe also mastery. you can call it CD-autoplay-abuse if you want. no, nobody wants that, except me ?


edit: i still find lots of defenses challenging and some i cant do 100% (for reasons). but i dont have the last level of shrine of power ready, so my fault i would say (hope).

I think through private channels they have. It probably needs a lot more testing to figure out though. 

I’ll run some tests with this too. I’ve never noticed it before. Do you think it’s just a visual bug?

Ok, I think they disagree with you there too, although obviously better forged gear gives players an advantage.  They’ve said that they think they highest level players with fully upgraded defenses should be difficult. No equivocation about 1*forging vs 4* forging. I will completely admit that maybe they’ve changed their minds on this.

Maybe you should experiment with more high cooldown builds? You might like it!

and there are no lingering effects from the old forge system. Every last old forged item was completely obsolete before level 140, most by level 136 or so. 

i did not make tests wheather the info stats correspond to the gk or not - too less informations about that (at least so time ago), so i cant answer this. but another player from our ally is confinced that the gk is always the one from layout 1 - but i dont know if he made tests, or it is bc of the wrong displayed infos before attacking.
First i thought it is a visual bug, but why risk something?

if they change something, maybe i am forced to.

did you ever make tests if all those “bugs” are related to masteries? or are just a counter to the CD-autoplay problem? or wheather you deside to make an offence build with help of masteries or a defense one (or try to combine both), or to complement missing items perks…

it took me a long time to figure out which masteries are suitable for me (and masterie selection and to get nice values isnt cheap either). and yes, some give high bonus, but not only for the gk - so maybe some masteries give incredible bonus to your offense, s.t. you are able to autoplay all defenses. i was always a defender (“tower defense game”), some are raiders.


edit: here are some stats of a a normal perseus and compared with the same hero as a gk … no refined items used, not really a lot of special items equippt - but usage of LoH and attack speed. see : neither the damage reflex or area damage (not a single item equipt) is not exploted, but i do get nice boosts on area damage… who tells me that there does not also exist a combination with e.g. stun or cooldown or protection with masteries or whatever that gives you nice off-boosts. they dont tell us what exactly masteries do or should do. i only hear bug! bug! bug! [maybe it is - i say it is lack of game informations. and i also say that for me it looks like some players have more informations than others. and some put more effort into it to find out what works best and if they prefer offence or defense.]

p.s. i made this just yesterday for the discussion here, this is not my gk layout… maybe i should change? (but this build would also have some drawbacks - if they repair gk hero selection layout maybe i will do some more tests…)

p.p.s.: notice: several items are not even up to date (pre lvl131)… or not even finished …

p.p.p.s. maybe we should all change more informations about our builds here… but is this really a good idea?? (i am doing this now, bc i am really mad about the game and the ongoing bugs and balancing discussions…)

p.p.p.p.s.: to the devs: you can take this as an excample to clarify what is an exploit (i did not exlpoit anything here - just used masteries and a unique shield) or bug or not or what values it should have. but then bring the full informations of how hero stats are calculated of EVERY mastery / item combination… would be a lot of work if you dont release the calculations behind it…


A lot of the balancing issues relating to GK’s come as you can have 2 of the same mastery, so by applying for example 2 x 12% health to the hero then applying 2 x LoH masteries they get taken from the result of the first mastery total for new health total. Then GK health being another % taken from the hero, so basically masteries are stacking and amplifying GK stats.  

Refining also does this whereby refining armour (raising health for example or boots) making the GK stronger in proportion to the hero.


this all so reminds me of: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/40470-server-update-11-oct-2017/?do=findComment&comment=176564

with a slap in the face fix for all who did not raise their accounts early with the help of gems… guess why so are hunting for max level…

edit… sorry this fix came out recently after the introduction of the forge… but the statement we do not take away … is still valid


Server Update - 11 Oct 2017

Hello Olympians!

Today we had a Live Server Update with the following changes:

Important Information:  This update includes a fix for an issue with the Hero Item Forging system.

When Forging a Cursed Hero Item until it increases in Rarity, any Unique Item perks (Demolition, etc.) which were on the item would be increased to double the amount that they should be.

We needed to fix this issue as soon as possible, before it led to a complete rebalance of the game, due to widespread overpowered items. However, please note that  we will not be changing or removing any items which players have already made

Pay special attention  when upgrading these items, as upgrading them again will reduce the Perk to normal levels, it may be the case that it is not a good idea to upgrade them as you may not reach the same power as before.

As an additional note: The unique Perks on Cursed Hero Items are still balanced to be incredibly powerful and useful in Hero builds (though Unique Items will still have stronger Perks), and it will still be possible to create strong builds using them.

a lot of issues comes from the individual possibility of designing items and masteries… hard to balance, but it makes also the game interesting.

the problem is also bc you have to pay for your individual designs they cant take them away if something is not propper or an unintended issue pops up…

but its a free game, you dont need to pay for a season pass or whatever. and somehow they have to earn money…


@NaN I get the crafting part of the game makes it interesting, but my point was that GK’s gain % with every refine, compared to the hero, which really makes balancing very hard. 

I still think OR is a defence statue building game with a small base to overcome before your army dies and maybe your hero too if he doesn’t bring a shield! :slight_smile:

The balance was ruined when they created the mirror shield for Percy, and made his power last for so long. 

You know that that bug was only in effect for a few weeks in 2017, right? That was when the level cap was 115. 

thats why i did the edit… and of it has nothing to do with the item stats and forge now… what i meant is the pattern: bug, after a period of time a fix (sometimes not a good one), and everyone who had the luck or chance or gems to get nice items can keep them…   what wold miss sophie and her buttler say? “same procedure as last year, miss sophie?” - “same procedure as every year, james” *joke*

nothing personal - i am questioning myself if i am a fool bc i might see patterns or if i would be a fool if i did not see them.