Anybody recommend good tapjoy tasks to earn gems? Seems like a good bit of dead ends so I pretty much watch videos and d/l apps. Appreciate the feedback and sorry windows players.

I’m a Windows and free player but i had recently played also with my smarthphone (that now i don’t play more because i dont like playing on small size monitor ^^), and some thing that i know about tapjoy are:


There are some tasks of tapjoy that allow you to earn a lot of gems but only through registratetion in some sites, paying a subscription or buying some gadgets from certain types of sites, but at least you have hundreds of useless account only to get those gems. So it’s not a high reccmmended ^^ But there are always tasks (like you said downloading games and watching video is the most common way to earn gems) that now requirement these big efforts.

Every day or every tot. days there are the recharge of tasks so do not be in panic if you dont find the exactly task you want ^^

We want Tapjoy for Windows phone and tablette!!! Im feel disciminate than other OS pff…