What is your priority to find enemies?

  • Gold

  • Medal

  • Trophy

  • easy path

  • easy troops

  • counting tower/blockade

  • trophy above you

  • trophy below you


How you find them?

  • click [new enemy] randomly and pay

  • by tournament list

  • by rank list

  • favorite list




  • by THIS FORUM  :ph34r:

Depends on what my current goal is.  If my goal is gems, then I will be aiming to win my league, so high medals (as long as I am about 80% confident I can beat the base without scrolls or resurrection).


If my goal is an upgrade, then obviously gold is the priority.


It is possible to try and walk a fine line between the two (go for the 2nd highest medals that offers a lot of gold as well), but often you need to decide.


I usually look at the random match, the players 3-4 above and below me on the leaderboard (however far I can go without having to scroll the screen) and my favorites.  I also keep a manual list of extra favorites that I keep outside of RR2 if nothing in the previous set if names turns up a match I want to play.


Once you get above ~2000 trophies, the tournament is usually pretty worthless for matchmaking


Me, too.

-With the latest update definitely gold. With the unlimited videos for battles, but generally lower loot it takes a lot of battles to get 3M+ for an upgrade.

-I noticed that as long as I take care of the gold the medals for the tournaments take care of themselves from the sheer number of battles. Sorry about rubbing it in if you are a win user. Also Top100 25% boost helps a lot.

-Unless I am in an adventurous mood I try to go for 400 or less medals as 450+ usually indicates a very tough base.

-Start with the favourites list, but then naturally get stopped by 3 attacks/hour limitation. Then mostly use paid matchmaking these days as the ‘always online trick’ does not work so well anymore. And the 750K gold shield makes it possible to always have some spare change for that.

-At higher levels tournament list is quite useless as everyone is generally way lower than you.

-Mostly try to avoid bases with ogres as the primary troop as they annoy me a lot.

-Trophies are always equilibrated by the defense so hardly any need to care about those.


LVL77 king

Gold! 200K or more only!

But when I have full upgrade list, I usually aim at Medal.


Way to find… Note them down! then find them when I need. But not someone who have medal more than 3,200.

I don’t care about Towers, Troops, or Monster anymore just medal.

nice concept,is trophy not important for you?

Not particularly – trophies tend to take care of themselves.  Aside from some of the tweaks to keep low to mid players from tearing down high players, the trophies is pretty much a standard power ranking, much like ELO chess.  If you play enough games your trophies will pretty much hover where you are supposed to be.


If you are patient, try an experiment – go for a week without any upgrades to defense or offense.  Also don’t experiment with new attack configurations or strategies.  You will find that you hover in a roughly ~100 trophy range.  Get a couple of upgrades, or improve your defense, and you will shoot up a little bit.


Another experiment – go lose 8-9 matches with very low players (~400 trophies).  You will drop about 500 trophies.  Next, just play random games for a couple of days and you will find your trophy count is right back where it was before you dropped.


So no, I don’t worry about trophies at all.



i like ogre they very slow and easy to be beaten 


hmm,are you not afraid to getting raided if you keep the gold so much?

Yeah, it can be slow and fun to beat, but when you attack higher level bases you are permanently frozen and you get 2 in a wave so then it takes quite a bit of flair to go behind them and kill them quickly. Which is not neccessary if you have arblasters running behind you, but if the base has lots of mortars they are usually dead and pyromancers are quite useless against ogres.


With max level treasure chamber you get a natural 750K shield, so keeping around 900 is quite normal. So for me 750K is like 0 gold before 1.4 upgrades.


Would also like to adjust my advice on searching for targets. If you REALLY want to earn some gold for one of the max upgrades you need (5M+) you really have to search through the leaderboards for someone who has 300K+ gold. Quite tedious, but saves you gems and the only way to do it unless you have free vids available all the time and can be bothered to endlessly attack for around 30K.

But even when money is protected, sometimes people lose money. Jona said that  money is also stolen from taverns…