Tartarus Invocation Not Working?

I’ve seen a number of people complain that the Tartarus invo doesn’t work, especially when used at the gate. Like it just does…nothing at all.

Since it’s so expensive, this creates some hard feelings.

I’ll try running some tests in free situations and see what happens, but the complaints have been about it not working in real battles.

Thanks, Dumpster. We will look into it as well. It is sometimes hard to know whether it has had a major effect or not, as it depends on unit proximity.

Game reset this morning the exact moment I used Hades’ Tartarus power against the enemy Defender.  There was at least 1:30 remaining on the clock.  Battle considered lost.  Trophies gone.  Island still defended by enemy.  Hades has cool down.  It was definitely the exact moment I pressed on Tartarus against the Defender.

This has been a bug for a long time. 

Ouch!  I always use that power on the Defender with Hades.  Never encountered this before.  Rough one.

How many units were around when you used it? There is a leak they cant fix for some reason, making tartarus a very expensive haphazard bomb. Can nuke the enemy but also may obliterate the user.

Using the Tartarus invo right up against the enemy gate causes the game to crash completely.  App just quits.  This has been happening for quite some time now and still isn’t fixed.


Can this please be looked at?  It’s extremely frustrating.



Well with me the same problem… @CaptainMorgan any answer for this problem?

Btw about the game to slowly and all time just freezing and then back again… Something wrong with the game? @GalaMorgane???


Many thanks

Please fix this! Getting extremely annoying now.

This is still happening.

Yes, i lost four attacks ?

It’s possible to have a answer for this bug? @CaptainMorgan @Madlen

@CaptainMorgan @Madlen

an answer? Two words? 

I’m having same problem. Unable to use Hades anymore. @CaptainMorgan @Madlen, can you please reply? Thank you.

The problem is not only for hades…I often use tartar to make 100% in war against superforged heroes…





Why does there continue to be no response to this issue?  Just dead silence.  Very frustrating.

Two months since I first posted and I know there were more before me.  Sad.

I think the issue is that it’s not a “bug” in the conventional sense (or in the new-speak CYA OR version of what a bug is), it’s just the software getting completely overwhelmed by all the [word removed - inappropriate] going on at the gate. If you could dial down the graphics effects to zero it might not happen as often or at all.

So how about a fix for this bug? ?