tast to confirm for gems use


it’s more important to have an tast to confirm for spent gems.

because is possible to click for bought accidental inventary slots, speed up forng couldown, or speed up upgrade.

thanks regards

We have try to suggest that 1 millions of time but without success. You can find some topic about this suggestion here in the same section

the point of view of Flaregames i guess its because more gems lost = more gems buy its logic you lost your gems the only way to get it back its buy gems package

I don’t think we can see this function one day 

The lost gems a player lose = huge money for Flare if you buy gems package


i never bought gems, but Yesterday, i use accidentaly 1.600 gems for speed up couldown to forging spike…

i am very active player, i won more diamound legue… After this problem i am very sad… E not play at game from more time for this