tavern income lower than should be



I’ve got all my taverns up to max level, meaning I should 6.5K from them each hour. But I’ve noticed I’m getting less than that. I cleared the taverns 2,5h ago and again just now, and I only got 12K. 12 / 2.5 = 4.8K per hour.

Also, I remember noticing this before when I didnt get ( 6.5*24= ) 156K after approximately waiting a day, but somewhere between 110 and 120K. And 110 / 24 = 4.6K per hour.


I’m setting a timer right now for one hour to check If I’m crazy or I’m really getting less than is advertised, but is anyone else getting similar results?

If someone raid you , some of the tavern’s gold is taken even if you have gold shield on if I’m not mistaken


I guess you’re right…we should try with a gold shield (probably for 1 hour nobody will attack you) and see if you’re right! I never notice this…but I never pay attention to this!!

Gold shield should protect the taverns.  Treasure chamber base protection does not.

Well that kinda explains it. It also explains why i see people gaining tens of thousands while my gold is lower than the base protection. Thanks!