Team All Might Recruits (lvl57)



The Team All Might is a multinational english speaking level 57  alliance.


We look for players  since level 90 and above, 500k donation !


Elite boosts      :  Capture.JPG Sans titre.png tt.png

 Knights, Cannons, Ogres, Wolves, MONKS and TEMPEST TOWER !

Wars :  We skip Mummys wars and fight for Doomgate ones, in order to maintain our fiefdoms.

We activate barricades, traps and more elite boosts on demand.


We have free slots


The core of our team is strongly motivated , skilled, and friendly. We help each other as soon as possible, we promote people champion to reach nearest chest to those who want to (if possible).

It’s not unusual so see PL tickets offered between members. Every member has the right to give his opinion.

We have an external chat on the Line app (and a forum to organize wars) where we make people participate to the Team’s decisions via polls, where we send game informations, and where we have fun.


So come on, let’s try the TEAM ALL MIGHT experience, trying us is adopting us!



Please contact us here (let us know your ID), contact in game Sournois. You can also apply directly to the alliance in game.


Thx for reading!

Nice post, but what is the logo? It kind of reminds me of the Pac-Man ghost.

Thank you.

About the logo, I can’t answer you.

I made it from a free logo generator. There was a lot of minimalist drawings like this one :grinning:

Hi there, next alliance war is coming and we still have places!

Hi there, we recruit!

Knock at our door, you’ll be welcomed!

8 slots left!

Thx for reading :slight_smile:

4 slots (±4 ; some seems ghosts )

Still slots available,  MAD MONKS UNLOCKED !

Congrats. I think that’s the best offensive boost (besides Raging Werewolf) in the game!

Thanks @AwesomestKnightest :slight_smile:


We now have reached lvl 57 !


Some free slots, people not much active are on the edge


How much SP is needed to join your alliance?

None for now

up, some free slots folks before incoming war season.