Team All Might!!

Join the epic alliance full of fun and friendly players that will stop at nothing to destroy!! 

Requirements: At least 500k donations, Donate Daily, Hero level 90+, Participate in all wars, conquests, ninja events, and, most importantly, have fun!

Boosts: Blazing Knight, Power Archer, Stunning Ogre, Storm Cannon, Raging Wolf, Mad Monk, and (as a birthday present from an alliance member) Witch Doctor!!!

We have two spots open! Join for the war and come destroy the map with us!!

If you are interested in joining, please send friend requests to: Electric One, Queen Dianne1, King of Plastic VII, Sournois, or any other general!! 

Either join us and crush, or don’t join and be crushed!

Bump! A few slots are open! Join now and help us crush the Conquest!

I’m sorry, but he’s a little too low for TAM at the moment