Team SG is Recruiting! Rank: 272 (at time of post)

Hello Royal Revolt 2 players!   Team SG is currently recruiting!  (Note: If we fill up too fast this time, but you would like to be a part of this alliance when future spots open, then post your name here so we can invite you the next time around.)  Generally, we fill up quickly.  We have one spot open now with at least one more that will open in a day.  Also the alliance will be upgraded in a few days, so there will be another spot at that time.


Be sure to read the member requirements section prior to applying.  We welcome all countries, but we only speak English and you must be able to communicate with us.


Alliance Details:

Rank: 272, Members: 25 of 26, Type: Apply to Join, Alliance level: 21, Gold Bonus: 25%, 4,173 trophies for next level, Current bank: 7,674,700 - 1,585,300 gold needed for next level.


Alliance benefits:

  • We always have Tough Barricade boosted. 
  • We occasionally activate other boosts, which has been Holy Paladin until a few days ago, but now I believe we will go with Storm Cannon.
  • We have a facebook group that we use for more in depth communication.  Here are some things we do on this page:
    • Questions can be asked by any member.  The leader will always reply and other members are encouraged to answer as well.
    • Tutorial videos or informational videos and photos.
    • Extremely detailed defense reviews done by the leader of anyone below 2800 trophies who asks.  Much stronger players are attempted but the results are not always super useful.  Once changes are made, the leader will test the defense again and as many times as needed.
    • Please note: the link to the group is posted in the alliance description and a member must request to join the group before they can post.
  • The leader posts “today’s tip” in the chat in game with tips of game play.
  • Currently we have 25% gold bonus.
  • We are a great team and we really do function as a team!

Member Requirements:

  • New members must be active every day in order to donate EACH day.  If you cannot donate on a day, you must let the alliance know, preferably several days in advance (like if you will be on vacation without access to internet). 
  • Must have at least 1800 trophies, however we tend to accept members with more than 2000.  Higher amounts are preferred.
  • Must be able to donate at least 50k per day, however priority will be given to those who donate higher amounts.  We strongly encourage you to upgrade your alliance tower, so please plan on that when you join.
  • We appreciate extra donations of course.  You can donate extra if you want to donate
  • You do not need to be constantly trying to increase trophy levels, however, extreme trophy dumping is not permitted.
  • Inactive members are kicked from the alliance.  If you know you will be away and want to stay in the alliance, be sure to let us know.
  • We want members who are going to participate and have fun with all aspects of this great alliance!

If you can meet these requirements, then please apply to join the alliance!



We look forward to having new members!

-Team SG


Very detailed post, I like it. I hope to see your alliance on top soon.

Just wanted to add that, thanks to Team SG’s leader and her superb analysis, along with several of my alliance comrades, my base defense improved tremendously upon joining Team SG. 

We have upgraded our alliance and we are also at 26% gold boost, plus the alliance is now ranked 229.  And are full at the moment.  :wink:


If you would still like to be a part of our awesome alliance, please post your name here!


@Condordagreat - thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!  I work very hard to make this a great alliance.  One that offers more than just a gold boost or an occasional elite boost.  But some members don’t take advantage of these benefits.  Do you find that to be the case in most alliances?  Are some people there just for the gold boost?

We have 1 spot open.  Please apply to join if you want to be part of this awesome alliance.

@Condordagreat - thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!  I work very hard to make this a great alliance.  One that offers more than just a gold boost or an occasional elite boost.  But some members don’t take advantage of these benefits.  Do you find that to be the case in most alliances?  Are some people there just for the gold boost?

Hi I am L3G3ND_0N3 and really want to join your alliance. I am actice every day and donate 50k every time. Currently i have 60 gems and trying to get those 400 together to donate even more. I am sittin at 2100 trophies and I am constantly trying to increase the number of trophies I have.

Thank you for your time and have a good day.

Hi, you sound like a great addition to our team!  I will make a spot for you very soon!  Thank you for your interest and I look forward to having you in our alliance soon.  It might be a couple days before I can invite you.   :wink:


Anyone else who wants to join, please put your name here too and I will consider you. I really want people in this alliance who are as enthusiastic as legend.  We share ideas on Facebook and that makes all of us stronger.  We recently discussed dungeons for Werewolf 2 and Mummy 3 and two members got through it at that time.  It is great to be able to do that kind of stuff!

No problem on your English, I can understand you perfectly.  You will need a Facebook account for me to be able to do a defense review.  That is where we post results and they are long, so I can’t do it in the in-game chat.  So be sure to get one setup soon so I can help you (I saw your other posts about the trouble you are having).  We share tips and ideas on our Facebook group, so it is important that you get one so you can see the existing posts.  Is there another way I can communicate with you?  Email?  Other chat?

There is of course. I can give you my Skype name or Email whatever you prefer or give you my facebook account I use sometimes and will be online more often for you guys of course. And yeah the struggles I currently have it would be really nice if you could help me or solve my problems. Just say me what you want me to do and I will try my best to do so. If you want me to join your Facebook group I will use my account more often to see what you are posting. I hope that I can do anything to fit in your alliance and maybe become a General some time as I am now in the alliance I am at he moment and I really like the position so I will really do my best to show you that I am worth the place in your alliance and also good as a General to help you out managing your alliance and members. I am really happy to find an alliance where it isnt all about the boosts but also the players helping each others and enjoying the game together. So tell me which you want and I will send you the details ( maybe in a PM if I find out how)

Becoming a general will take some time and a dedication to helping others and myself with every day task.  What do you do as a general today?  What do you like about it?  I could use a good General, but they need to follow the rules that I establish.  I think I will have a spot for you tomorrow.

I really understand that it will take some time and I really want to investigate that time in our alliance. I will even ignore all other invitations from all other alliances to show you my loyalty. I like as a general that you can help your alliance leader to find new recruits and of course managing the alliance gold and current members. Also I really hope I can help your current members with my knowledge and skill about the game so they can improve their way of playing. Of course I will follow all the rules you made. I want to become a good member of team sg and I really dont want to leave this alliance at all. I would be very very proud when I can show you that I can be the general you need. And I really promise to you that I am a honest player who really wants to help and want to be helped. Thank you I am very thankfull that you have a spot for me that quickly.

We have 1 spot open (but I don’t know how long it will be available, since we fill up fast!)

Updated alliance stats:


26% gold boost

Ranked 246 (with one spot open)

Alliance level 22

26 of 27 members

Always have “Tough Barricade” boosted

We have been doing Paladin boosts more often these days, mostly when a member asks for it.


We have gained two members from this forum!  If you want to join, please leave your name below.


Since I cannot tell those who apply after seeing this forum post apart from those who just search for a new alliance in the game, I highly recommend that you post your name here so we make sure we give priority to those who found us this way and want to be part of our awesome team.  If you do not want to post your game name, then click on “Apply” three times in a row so I know you are from the forum.  Occasionally, a General will accept and then kick an applied member in order to practice how things work (I suggest they practice things when it doesn’t involve using our money).  If your name is here, I can invite you again if that were to happen.


We might not have spots open up as often in the future because most of our members are really committed to the alliance and don’t leave or become inactive or get kicked out for not donating.  

I can only recommend all of you alliance searching players to try to get in here its awesome here :slight_smile:

We have one spot open.  Who would like to join this amazing alliance?  I might have 2 other spots open if we have people who want to join (due to non-donating members).

We just did an upgrade and we have 2 spots available.


Current stats:

Rank - 204

Gold Bonus - 27%

Alliance level - 23


Total of 28 members possible.  I hope to get to 28% gold bonus with new members.

i want join!


i can donate 75k daily and i have 1900 trophy, daily active…


nickname is budale



Thanks budale for your interest!  I have invited you to join.


We have one additional slot thanks to some generous donations.

Alliance Stats:

Rank: 179

Gold Boost: 28%

Alliance Level: 26


Leave your name or apply to join 3 times in a row in order to join us. (I get a lot of requests each day so I can’t tell them apart if you only apply once.)

You can also PM me with your name if you don’t want to share it here. Thanks for your interest!